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    Hey Ted

    Hey Sasha Schiavi ,

    Unfortunately you cant do this in-render (though that might be a sweet feature!).

    After you render you would need to composite the images in Photoshop or other photo editing software. Import all the images (Background photo, Render, Material ID pass), stack them in photoshop, then select the background from the Material ID pass and mask that part out of the render. Then hide your Material ID Pass and you'll have what you are after.

    Hey Ted.Vitale! Thanks for your reply.

    I don't think I was clear enough when I explained my problem.

    Yes, I understand what you're saying about needing Photoshop to compose the image after rendering. That's how I usually do it. And I use the render channels to make my life really easy.

    But my problem is, that even when I render, enscape changes the image's depth of field to what ever I have it set to in the Rendering Tab of the Visual Settings menu. The view Synchronization and the Use Viewport Aspect Ratio don't seem to work for getting the camera position and field of view exactly as I have it in sketchup.

    I'm working around it by trying to match the depth of field of the image by flicking View Sync on and off and adjusting the FOV until I get it as close as possible. Then I render it. I use the presets to save this so I have it set to each of the images I want to render.

    Thanks. If you have any ideas on what may be going (or me doing) wrong, please share!

    Hi I follow the steps and I cant get this to work.

    I have the image as I want it saved in a Sketchup Match Photo Scene.

    I have the Use viewport Aspect Ratio selected.

    I match the resolution to the SKP Export (1492x751 in this case)

    View Synchronization is ON.

    I go and render the Scene and it changes as I have it on the screen

    Please Help!

    What I'm I missing!

    Sorry, I've haven't experienced a problem as such that I couldn't fix by changing the texture and modifying its size in SKP. Unless I'm misinterpreting your problem. Please send us a picture when you can so we might be able to help.

    Hey guys same issue for me. Looks terrible and is ruining my deadline. I tried using it as a tiff but I get a message saying that the aspect ratio is not supported, even that I made sure my tiff is 2:1. Does enscape support tiff as skybox?

    Any ideas on how to fix this or work around it?

    Hi! I hope yo're all keeping safe.

    We just received a new project where we need to model a Streetscape from a CAD file and then make a Virtual Flythrough. I need to generate the background without having to model it! (its a couple of kilometers of streets)

    I have experimented a bit with 360 HDR images for still shots and got some decent results but never tried with animations.

    I guess what I am trying to do (and asking if anyone knows how or if is it even possible) is to go on site take a series of 360 HDR images and somehow use them as background for our flythrough.

    Just writing this I realize how difficult this could be, getting everything aligned properly and looking real. Does any have an idea of what the best approach to this would be?

    It would be great to capture the street with my 360 camera and somehow make a model which i can edit and adjust with the project and just make the flythrough like a normal geometry model. I know there is software like Cupix that generates a 3d model from 360 captures, I would need to import this to Sketchup and edit later. Not sure if its possible with Cupix. Anybody know any other software for generating a 3d model with a 360 camera?

    We also have Drone at our disposal.

    Thanks, I am really looking forward to hear your ideas and comments!8) :thumbsup:

    Hey sorry it's me again, when doing what Matthias explained works great for horizontal surfaces but when i get a vertical face the texture seems to stretch vertically.

    How do i go about fixing this? I would guess drawing a vertical plane and doing what Matthias explained but only painting vertical faces, is that correct? I have tons of rocks in my model and this would be a pain, i would need to un-soften the edges to be able to select the verticals......

    Any way of fixing this efficiently?

    Thanks in advance

    Hi guys, I've read in a different thread someone complaining that they couldn't manipulate the transparency of water. Water transparency

    The reason I would need this is to achieve a more murky water material not so much clean water. Does anybody know how to achieve this?

    So far I set the material to Default instead of Water in the material editor. But I loose the wave settings etc.


    Thanks Anders for raising this issue, I've been having the same problem and i thought it was just me missing something.

    Thanks Demian for looking into this problem. I hope it can be solved or improved soon.

    Cheers! :thumbsup:

    Hi guys.

    This is more a Sketchup question I guess but maybe you can help me out.

    I'm rendering some geometry I created using the sandbox tool. It is all triangulated but I have soften the edges and it appears as one continuous surface and it selects as one ( one click). The problem is the texture is not continuous and it looks very messy.

    Any ideas how to fix it?