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    I encounter a "bug" where Enscape (3.0.2+44009) working with Sketchup 2021 does not want to save my panoramas to a file (jpg or png...).

    If I click on "Manage Uploads" , select the Panorama I want to save to my computer and click on "...">"Save panorama to file ..." no crash or bug BUT no files created (wherever it is located).

    The only way I found is to FIRST click on "Upload Panorama to the Cloud" and then when I click on "...">"Save panorama to file ..." it works!

    Please how can I solve this issue ?



    There is a way to activate Webgl2 on Iphone/Safari

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    I test, the page is loading but the result is a blank page.

    #Enscape Do you plan to make WebStandalone works on mobile devices ?


    Hi guys,

    thank you very much for your helpful answer.

    AMD announcement seems to be great for its knew gpu and cpu´s.

    I think I should just be patient before investing on a futur laptop.

    thanks again

    Hi all,
    I hope all good.
    Could you please advise me of what you consider the best CPU+GPU for a laptop working with Enscape (for big projects with a lot of renderings / cost is not the deal right now :)).
    Do you think that Quadro RTX will make the difference ? Or like RTX 2080 Ti totally enough and even better than Quadro series ? For CPU do you advise AMD or Intel series ?
    I plan to have minimum 32go RAM and maybe 64.
    Thanks for your help,
    Have a nice day

    Hi Enscape Team,

    Could you / did you plan to solve this poor mirror quality we have with Enscape ?

    After several render engine test, I'm convince that Enscape IS the best solution for Architects because stable, quick, good synchronisation and renders quality. It's a shame to see this mirror imperfection when all of the rest is good.

    Please be aware of this, we now have solutions such as D5render and Lavina Project which have a better quality and fast as Enscape. They are still on development with betas version and I hope that Enscape team will solve this "minor" problem soon.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback

    That's a really great looking project. :)

    So in this case, if performance would allow it, you could actually mirror the scene so that you're basically looking through an open window. This is definitely not ideal, we understand that, but again, if your system allows it performance wise it might be worth giving this trick a try. You could also only include a part of the project, reducing it to only what's necessary for the "mirror".

    Overall, looking straight at a mirror like this, with all the elements NOT in the "screenspace" (what's visible on screen) will always cause such behavior since it would take a tremendous amount of performance to render elements off-screen like that without RTX. That would make navigation a nightmare.

    Thanks, if I understand you correctly ( I am french ), I render a reverse view ( "mirror the scene" ) and modify render images with photoshop for example ? If yes, it's already what I did
    if not could you please clarify.

    a last one with simplified model and zoom on mirror, I miss a lot of details ( metallic set to 100, also test with different parameters but still the same ).
    graphic card GTX1080

    Hi Demian,

    I understood that a complete mirror effect is not possible because of Enscape real time rendering system.


    won’t it be possible to improve this, as Twinmotion did with the reflection prob ?

    Enscape is really, stable fast and powerful !! apart mirrors ... ... I have to use another soft to obtain desired effect and integrate it on Enscape renders and panorama.



    I know that Enscape still does not support Displacement maps.

    Maybe Enscape plan to add this very usefull functionality on next release, like lumion did recently ?

    Have a nice day


    i did not find a way to change skybox height position, any news on this possibility ?

    The best render way I found is to use a rooftop or drone hdri ( difficult to find on web ) to be as much possible realistic ( eg. exterior view from a 10 floor appartement ).

    Second one is white background and photoshop work ( but less realistic and no refraction of my windows glasses ... ).

    Maybe I miss something, any help will be nice.