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    Hello there,

    I am trying to make an expanded metal material with archicad + enscape and I could use a little help.

    The material will represent the outer skin of a composite material.

    How do I avoid having a backside of the material?

    I would like to have a simple colour to control the diffuse and an alpha map for the actual shape of the metal.

    Thank you.

    Hello Adrian and thanks for the effort but... this aproach is useles for 90% of our projects.

    I would love to see an asset management tool which allows me to add and remove object from the current database, even import other file formats and also the ability to change the materials.

    As someone else pointed out: "we don't use yellow sofas in our proposals"

    It's great to have a starting database with minimal assets but in our projects I don't even open the library.

    Thanks a lot for your message uisanata , in the first instance, can you please make sure that the Rendering Quality in the Visual Settings -> General tab is not only set to "Draft"? You may be able to resolve this already by setting it to "Medium" or even "High"/"Ultra" if your system allows it.

    If that doesn't help, is there any chance you could send me the project actually?

    Thanks for the reply. In fact I use only Ultra settings.

    I can't share the model unfortunately, I will try to replicate in a duplicate file.

    Hello there.

    I am having some difficulties with the indirect illumination or color bleeding coming from grass material.

    In the attached pic you can see the green color is coming from an outside object with grass material.

    How can I control this, except temporarily changing the grass material ? It's not possible to hide the grass object.

    Thank you

    not much activity in the Archicad part of the forum :/