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    It would be nice to be able to control the depth of field via a curve or similar to go from linea to something more like exponential. Also, to control the DOF in front and beyond the focal point independently. I know this does not really follow real world photography but for larger scenes a small, precise focal point is not useful if you just want the far distance to blur or you don't want the foreground to blur so much. I could do it in post but Enscape is all about the one button solution.

    It would be really helpful for deploying updated versions if the application contained some additional data. This would allow the software to be pre-approved to bypass our typical security and install the updates without needing admin rights. Due to the regularity of updates and the comparatively limited number of users it is not viable to package every update for SCCM deployment in a large organisation.

    I have attached an image comparing the Enscape app properties to another application we use

    That's great news. Honestly, we've been a bit jealous with the quality of the work produced in Sketchup+Enscape (we're using Revit), and we feel that the biggest hurdle to get to the same quality in Revit is the lack of props, vegetation, etc. In theory we could model all these things in Revit but it would take forever and make the model super slow. Using existing models as proxies would be enormously powerful.

    I have been using a linked Revit model that hosts all my entourage which is unloaded until I want to run Enscape. This way I can dump any downloaded content or even non-native formats and decals and not worry about upsetting live design models. We are also making small incremental updates to our standard family library to make them a bit better in VR. Small things like adding door and cupboard handles, small gaps between drawer and cupboard fronts and material parameters for everything. Generally they still look the same in 2D but the difference in 3D is very noticeable.