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    This is an essential feature which should be a very high priority! Imagine being in a presentation and saying to a client; "This is exactly what your project will look like, but with different colors and materials..." To a client / lay-person that statement makes no sense. It either is what they want or it is not.


    I am a new user evaluating the trial version of Enscape. I have a Revit 2020 scene with many mature trees (120'-0"). I load the assets from the Enscape Asset Library and everything is fine, but small. I go to properties>Edit Type and change both Height and EnscapeAssetNativeHeight to 120'-0". The tree changes to the correct size in the Revit viewport, but does not change in the Enscape render window. Even if I render to a panorama the trees stay unscaled. Is there an additional trick to this? Is it a bug? Is it a featured turned off in the evaluation? Using version 2.6.2.