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    I just exported 160+ Panoramas and QR Codes and it took way to long. An absolute time thief, and at my rate was expensive for the company. The time thief comes down to a lack of three features that would save me so much time and pain.

    - Ability to Rename each Panorama

    - Mass download of Panoramas and QR Codes in a matter of clicks.

    - Upload all to cloud

    Our company has found an innovative way to leverage Enscape on the construction site. Thanks to Enscape, we are turning heads in our local industry. The demand is coming for me to start producing 100's of Panoramas and QR codes. It is insane that I am required to download each Pano one at a time and have to rename them as I save them.

    A bonus feature would be to create folders inside of manage uploads. I do this already in the Enscape folder in windows explorer to archive finished panos and QR Codes.

    A final bonus feature would be to have a way to package multiple folders into a zip file for delivery to a client for facilities management purposes during commissioning.

    Looking how to engage the feature where you can look around without the model moving. For example you can stand stationary but lean forward, move your head and look out a window. I think it has something to do with the oculus base sensor for spatial location. This is difficult to describe so I hope it makes sense. Right now if I move my head, the entire model moves.

    Would like the functionality to know who in the office has the license and and OPTION to engage demo mode. It is a waste of time to load up a model you can't work with. I would like to know who has the license so I can contact them to see when I can use it.

    Demian Gutberlet So I we have 1 floating licence for the office. I often run 2-3 revit programs so I can adjust materials over three models at the same time. As soon as I open the second instance of Revit, my instance of Enscape goes into watermark mode. Software is up to date. Even if I put in the activation key it does not work. This happens when restarting Enscape. To resolve the issue I have to Restart Revit altogether.