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    Is there any work being done to create a shared material library for all cad apps? Also the ability to export and import "enscape" materials as well as functionality to point enscape to a desired path location for material libraries? We currently have a system set up that gives all our users access to a common material library for enscape, but its a pain to setup/maintain since there is no direct support for this type of workflow. Most of our users don't know how to create a "good" material and having this ability that spans all platforms would be great and allows our firm to achieve greater visual consistency!

    I was going crazy why can't assign different materials on each surfaces. With Rhino 6, each surface in polysurface can be selected with Ctl+Shift click. Then, I should be able to assign different materials. However, Enscape doesn't show it. Is it not supported?

    We have the same frustration! Hopping it will be supported soon!

    I am trying to create a grasshopper script that will take a camera path and a "look at" curve from within rhino and create the camera path xml file to import into enscape. I am doing this because the current animation editor is so so...

    While I am able to create the xml file, Enscape will crash any time I try and edit any of the keyframes. I've also noticed that some will just show as a "black/blank keyframes".

    Another question I have is in regards to the orientation of the x,y,z axis from rhino to Enscape... I am swapping the y and z, but there still seems to be an issue with location/scale of the camera path being created. (what are the default units within enscape?)

    Thank you for your help. See attached files.

    I've notice that if you right click on the Rhino toolbar to show or hide different toolbars Enscape has multiple options. If you play around with which option is shown then your material editor should show up again. (hope this helps) Seems like Enscape isn't cleaning up the old junk when installing new versions which may be causing confusion in Rhino.

    What I did was create and save the materials as a part of a company rhino template... then put a line in the user settings .xml file telling rhino to look to a common directory. (these files are automatically updated on every users machine weekly) I then had to delete all the appdata enscape folders on user machines and install the new enscape version for a "clean install"... So now when you open rhino it automatically opens to the company template and automatically looks to the common directory to load the enscape textures...

    Let me know if that is clear.

    Is it possible to export my Rhino Enscape Materials and bring them into my project that is in SketchUp?

    My office is trying to make a material library that we can use with both 3D modeling software

    How about just the ability to export and import the Rhino and Revit Enscape materials so we can point all machines to a single material directory? We are also working on a firm wide materials library and are creating separate Revit and Rhino material libraries that point to the same texture files for consistency, but have no way to import those materials automatically without recreating from scratch. We have tried to point rhino to the correct location for materials using the xml settings file, but the material textures wont load... is there a way to tell Enscape to load textures from a specific directory?

    Also, is it possible to have the material preview in the Rhino materials panel update accordingly? Currently they all just show as chrome. (see attachment)