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    Hello everybody,

    At the moment I have a client that requested a plan view video/animation during different times of the year, showing the solar incidence from morning to evening.

    And I was wondering if its possible to include an option where you can toggle on/off the stamp time you see at the bottom right corner, since they want to see the exact time of the day during the course of the animation.

    I believe is not possible yet, otherwise please let me know,

    I had to use OBS and record the screen to keep that small time stamp at the bottom

    Apologies if somebody already requested this and may thanks for your support,


    Guys Enscape works only with .gITF formats which is a format specifically for compresion minimizing the actual file size and also making it easier for the app to run it in realtime, thats why you are basically able to have such a big library of assets with textures and a good amount of polygons and at the same time runs smoothly while wizing around the models in real time,

    The problem with .Skp format will be that you will fulfill your SSD in no time since there is no compression of any kind for textures, 3D models, etc.

    I understand your worries, and I will like to give you a good tip for optimizing your workflow, meanwhile the Enscape team introduces other formats perhaps?

    (I create my own assets into my custom library using Blender) but when the project deadline is close, and there is no time to create a proper "Enscape Asset" what I usually do is:

    1. Create a "Save as external model for Enscape" option from a component.

    2. You will be prompted with a VectorOnly/Empty_box which enmarks the location of the asset in X/Y/Z

    3. you can include inside that component/Empty_box a low polygon model to help you remember the shape of your asset (what I like to do, is adding a really LowRes .PNG format image inside that box boundary with the "FaceMe" activated so that is clear what asset I'm moving/scaling/messing around inside my project.

    Hide the lines in the group so you only can see the plant/asset and the circle at the bottom will give you and idea of the base size.

    4. Save all your created assets in a master sketchup file that is linked in the cloud with the original Sketchup models, so for instance I have mine and I only need to open that master file which doesnt take a sec to open since there is only empty boxes with low res .PNG's and you can basically select/copy the asset you need and pasted on your actual project, when you render it will show the actual model without any problems. (Of course that master file should be read only, so nobody can damage the linked enscape assets by mistake.).

    As stands that Skp Plant/Flower alone is 65MB (taking in consideration that as been already downsized in polygon count from a 125MB original file including optimization for the textures) it will be a madness if you are able to just include that .Skp file into your asset library, it will eatup a lot of space on your SSD.

    That exact same Plant converted into .gITF is only of 6MB (Including textures) on my custom Enscape library. that's why is so important the format compression.
    Bet you can't tell the difference:

    Once again is not ideal but will do the job, always is better to create your own custom assets directly into Enscape library with .gITF format for quality compression and ease of mind.

    Don't work hard, work smart!

    Hope this helps


    Dont know about the 6800 or 6900XT, Im pretty sure they will be great cards for design too,

    But I can confirm that I have a 3090 and so far Im working with a big project with 4K textures and HQ scanned assets, so far is eaten 19 Gig of VRAM from the 24 Gig available so...

    Im pretty sure that many of Enscape users are not going to work on projects that big, although if you guys are planning to create 4K content, then is better to future proof your decisions.

    Julio Puccini , that looks peculiar. Definitely make sure that your graphics card drivers are fully up to date, and let me know if the restart fixed this already. I'm not 100% sure what is going on here, but it doesn't look right.

    Hi Demian,

    Thanks for your quick reply,

    I must said that the Restart of the computer fixed the issue, not sure what I did to triggered, I will keep an eye in case it appears again so we know.


    Hey Guys,

    Enscape Ver. 2.9.1+34079

    Dont know if has something to do with the 3090 compatibility with Enscape? Never happened before with a 2070 Super,

    Just spotted an issue regarding the Flare coming from the sun,

    In short words the flare shifts from where it should be, sometimes is even projecting from walls, in the second and third image is even more noticable, Please look image below,

    Have checked with RTX ON and OFF and the error persisted.

    Will try restarting the computer and see if that fix the problem.


    Thank you very much Clemens Musterle is great to know that we have built-in within Enscape engine the option to have different LOD's

    I will play around with it, it will fit greatly with a project I'm currently working which is in short words an entire city, and very much taxing everyone's hardware so far, due to the amount of components and 4K textures.

    Although I double checked the asset itself and I haven't include any LOD Characters to it neither the 3D model nor the texture has it, you can see it in the following snip:

    Thanks once again, I agree with you it should be more user friendly, I think that will do for now,

    Edit: My bad, I triple checked and apparently the texture I used for the Bump map was indeed contentive of a LOD2, which is curious because I use blender to extract the optimized version of the 3D model and bounded this bump map during the export, But I'm not currently using it at the External Asset Editor, I suppose the .bin file which is create as part of the glFT still saves memory of the file itself, Even though not using it, very interesting indeed.

    Kind Regards,

    Dear Community,

    Sketchup Pro 2020

    Enscape Version: 2.9.0-preview.4+29791

    I have been testing the new functionality for the Custom Asset Library, I must say Thank you so much for including this feature! Seriously,

    Now, going back to the matter, I have created a Custom Asset, specifically a table, everything works fine until I walk away from it up to a certain distance and then starts to fade out, if i keep walking it will disappear leaving a shadow still in the same spot, if I walk back to it appears, like magic!

    View 01_Expected Behaviour

    View 02_Ghosting table shadow present

    View 03_Table is gone Shadow still present

    View 04_While rendering table appears only for the output image

    Which brings me back to realizing that this could also be another amazing feature! what if we can choose (Like in video games) when our assets disappear depending on how far we are from them so the files get better optimized, or like in the Witcher 3 wild hunt, where right after you turn around the world behind you fades or disappear completely to save memory and resources.

    Don't get me wrong, Enscape is super well optimized in terms of RAM and VRAM Usage, but every little optimization helps. keep it up guys,

    Also a quick snip of my custom asset library so far, as you can see is not the first asset I create, although is the only one with this behaviour the other ones are working perfect,

    Please let me know if you want the file in question,

    I am up for this feature as well, as a Designer from a Big Architectural firm, we are constantly presenting projects through different stages, and that include a lot of changes, the clients love to have to ability in real-time to tick a box and see the Phasing of the concept of a project if that is the case, the same happen with the options during the presentation, kind of Sketchup scene and layering system that allows you to create and hide options with only ticking a box or selecting an specific scene.

    Thanks in advance!

    Thank You very much Thomas!

    Sorry for the size of the Views but due to a client confidentiality I can't share bigger size images, the idea is to bring this mall to live with VR, and to be honest looks pretty awesome taking in consideration that the SKP model is 500Mb+ (managing carefully the overall geometry, but keeping high polygon quality models) and have 60+ Million polygons, I think this answer the question by it self!

    Obviously I have a new question and i hope you can help me! there is anyway that you can visualize in VR with the same quality than for the renderings?

    Please do not misunderstand me, the quality of the VR itself is good, I assume is to keep a better balance during the VR visualization.

    Thank You again!

    Best Regards,

    I know it sounds a bit too much, but if you guys can improve in this terms will be amazing, it is pretty cool that you can actually put the lights straight on SKP or Revit and it will appear instantaneously on Enscape, but will be better if you can improve this a bit more, I know this is not Lumion, but some light features like those will be very well received!

    To be honest at the moment requires some effort to illuminate properly an scene (depending of the scale) even for experienced people among the 3D Software's, ;)

    Kind Regards,

    Sounds Good mate!

    Also will be nice if we can take material ID maps from the renderings it will be easier for the post production, I think this option doesn't exist at the moment.


    Dear all,

    Like the title say, I want to know if the program as a maximum number of polygons to take in considerations, I'm about to put Enscape to test with a shopping mall of 1 Kilometer long with a marina an lots of furniture and Palm trees,

    Any advice before I start will be very well received :P!

    Specs: Intel Xeon E5-1650 V3 3.50Ghz / 8GB GTX 1080 / 32GB Ram

    Thank you very much in advance!

    Best Regards