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    Thanks much for the thorough response. Very helpful, but can you comment any more on the difference between "processed" and "exported?" Would it be fair to broadly associate "meshing" with exporting and "lighting" with processing?

    All Hosts - Invisible geometry is not processed


    SketchUp/Rhino Enscape 3.4.3 - All geometry is exported.

    What I called "export" is everything that we have to do with the host system.
    We export the object hierarchies, transforms, visibility (if applicable), geometry, materials and more from the host system. We store that information in a data structure which enables us to detect changes to enable the live updates.
    Then all of this is sent to the renderer where the "processing" happens. I'm not sure of what exactly happens here, that would be more for Clemens to answer. Basically the geometry, materials and everything is parsed into various caches and data formats to enable rendering.

    Hey there rifkin, there are multiple parts and stages of processing.
    We generally export geometry, materials (+textures) and other things like asset tagged objects from the CADs. It highly depends on the host system and the API that we use on how we can or have to do this.

    Next we pass that data on to the Enscape Renderer where further processing happens, e.g. geometry is converted into other formats.

    All Hosts:

    - Invisible geometry is not processed by the Renderer.

    - Unused materials are not processed by the Renderer.


    - All geometry is exported.

    - All materials are exported.


    - Only visible (and inside of a section box) geometry is exported.

    - Only used materials are exported.


    - Only visible geometry and layers are exported.

    - Only used materials are exported.


    - Only visible geometry and layers are exported.

    - Only used materials are exported.

    Rhino Enscape 3.4.3:

    - All geometry is exported.

    - All materials are exported.

    - It takes time to generate the mesh for our export so pre-meshing might have an impact but we haven't tested that specifically.

    Rhino 7 Enscape Latest Preview (reimplementation of the export using the Change Queue API):

    - Only visible (and enabled) geometry and layers are exported.

    - Only used materials are exported.

    - Likely behaves differently than the old API for pre-meshing.

    I hope that answers most of your questions.

    I don't know if this is a bug. But in older versions it was different and more convenient.

    When I changed the position of the "Image Fade" slider in the material settings, the overall color of the texture was determined in "Color". In this way I could dissolve the texture, make it less pronounced, while maintaining its main color.

    Now "Color" is white.

    I'm not sure what you mean. Which previous version was this? Before the Material Editor was overhauled? A video might help indeed.

    If you don't mind, I'll add a little more, sorry :):saint:

    When I created the animation

    1. I start the animation preview and the viewing angle does not match the one that should be. I have a view sync.

    2. If I go to the first keyframe and start the animation preview, then the viewing angle is normalized.

    Also not sure what's going here, this is not the my area of expertise. Maybe Demian Gutberlet knows more or you can create a ticket with support.

    Julian , I would like to tell you about one more problem. I know a lot of people are complaining about this and everyone will be grateful if you fix it.

    When I launch the Material Etitor window, the active material in SketchUp is not active in the Material Etitor window. I have to select it again with the eyedropper to make it show up in the Material Etitor

    That is indeed a bug that appeared in 3.4, do you know of any other cases missing for syncing the material selection? I know I fixed one a while ago for importing materials.

    The 3rd party option doesn't seem to exist anymore on VW2023 tools menu. Anyone know where it's gone? (and no, UK version, but Aus)

    Hi, I've downloaded VW SP1 and latest Enscape. On opening VW it doesn't seem to recognise that I have Enscape on the system and doesn't show the usual Enscape tool options. Anyone else having this issue and know how to get VW to 'find' Enscape?

    With a completely fresh install of Vectorworks you first need to start up VW at least once for us to be able to detect the installation.

    A simple reinstall should fix it.

    Thanks Julian Hangstoerfer . I've installed ver 3.4.2 and I'm on VW2023 SP1 but I can't get the Asset Library to load from the Tool Sets. I also had to add the Enscape tools to my workspace. I can open the Asset Library from within the enscape renderer once launched but cannot open it from the Enscape tool set. Any idea why this is the case? All the other tools in the Enscape tool set are opening without issue.

    I haven't seen something like that before. Nothing happens at all when you use the asset library tool? Or is it empty after it opened?

    I'd be best to use the feedback tool to open up a ticket with our support so that they can also check the logs and all that.

    leecalisti Aaah - now that's more helpful - thanks. Sounds like (unlike what was suggested further up this thread) we're waiting for a new update to Enscape which responds to the VW SP1 changes. I wish we'd been told so I hadn't spent a teeth-grinding session uninstalling and reinstalling!

    I'm sorry to hear that you wasted a lot of time on this. There was another bug that came up last minute just before the release and that's why we decide to delay it again to next week. I didn't have the time to respond here yet because of it.

    As Dave mentioned in the VW thread there were issues with lights (and more) in SP0 that just weren't fixable on our side. They were fixed with SP1 except for one that slipped through which we found too late however, we can fix that on our side.

    Usually, we find these kinds of issues way earlier before a release and you would never see them but this time was a bit cursed. We'd rather delay and fix these issues than cause everyone headaches because of these bugs.

    As I mentioned before, if you really can't wait until next Wednesday you could install our preview version which does run on SP1.

    It does not include that latest bugfix so I would still recommend going back to 3.4.2 as soon as it's out.

    Ah, I logged in and saw the Vectorworks folder in bold type and got all excited... ...but no, just a video query...

    Unfortunately, we encountered some issues With VW2023 SP0 and had to wait for the SP1 release which should be next week.
    The latest Enscape Preview versions run in SP0 but you can encounter problems that can even lead to crashes.

    Enscape with VW2023 SP1 should work as expected.

    I can't tell you exactly why that is because I'm not part of the rendering team but rectangular lights only really show up rectangular if you move them extremely close to the surface that you are pointing them to.

    Hey Toscano,

    currently we only support line and rectangular lights in VW. Every other geometry (including circles) gets an emissive material instead and emissive geometry works fundamentally differently from light sources so you don't get the same light output.

    I think it should be possible to add circular/disk light support, I will look into it. In SketchUp, all of the lights are our own objects so it's easy to detect what is what light, in Vectorworks however we need to do some non-trivial detection on what type of light it should be and that's probably the main reason it wasn't added yet.