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    Where does this specific wrong bitmap come from? I assume it's from one of the proxies?

    Is it always the same materials that behave this way or is that not fixed either? Also in that regard, once it's broken does it stay broken for the same material between closing and starting sketchup again?

    I've tried reproducing it myself with a few proxies but haven't had any luck so far.

    Hey Toscano,

    There is nothing wrong with your file nor the glass material.

    You unfortunately ran into a limitation when using both the integrated Renderworks and Enscape at the same time.

    Using both at the same time and changing materials can sometimes cause issues with the material in either one of them because they rely on the same data in the background. Objects then show up in Enscape as white and in Renderworks as black.

    For Enscape you should be able to close and reopen the renderer to get it working again if this happens.