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Reminder: If you encounter any issues with Enscape (including installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed here. Thank you for your understanding.

    If you haven't already, please definitley send us a feedback report then. This does not seem to be a known current issue, so a report with your logs will be very helpful for us in order to troubleshoot the cause behind this.

    Also, does this persist in every project of yours, or maybe just a select scene? Are your graphics card drivers fully up to date? :)

    Hi Demian/ I just have sent feedback. My drivers is up to date fully, model is not so big (35Mb). If I open model larger freez is longer(((( If I close enscape freez is gone.

    Hi everibody

    I would like suggest carpet material maping changing. I think it should be not pointing up but face normal oriented. Vith small scale it cold be useful for velvet material, for sloped or crease surfaces and other porposes.

    I see no most importent points on that roadmap(( Especially for developer suggestion/ For what we send our sugesstions??? It is sad.

    I have found another render that proofs better quality of old enscape grass (before 03/2018).

    I am sorry to hear about that. These seem to be two different issues of course, but please also send us both a Feedback report with your log files as detailed here so that we can check those for any errors that should help us with troubleshooting the causes behind this.

    Also, Abu , please try using our latest release 3.3 which came out yesterday first too.

    Demian Thank you for atention! I just install v3.3 and send feedback.

    I have a freez while I an working on model in SU2022 if Enscape render is started((((. I have to close and start Enscape every minute! It kills RT feature because I can`t see result while processing. And switch between saved enscape views freezing compared old versions, when SU view did not change camera location while I was switching enscape view. It is so hurtful, when new version is worsened.

    SU2022\Won10\enscape 3.3.0preview8

    you can always acquire a previous release of Enscape here.

    Shure, I checked it before requesting. Oldest release is 2018, but it has a worst version of grass.png ((((

    I do not remember date when Enscape corrupts its grass , but it should be before 2018

    I see it like conversation between blind man and deaf).

    Thanks Damian. U shouldn`t. I just asked about link to download old version. Your explanation about "new system" and Skatter I took note long time ago. Skatter is grate and developeed listening for users. I love it.

    Hi Demian.

    Is there a sourse to download enscape 2017-2018 version? I would like to use Grass.png from that soft. It is very inportant point for landscape design viz. Or just upload link to that grass.png

    U are so kind! Thans a lot.

    Abu[/user] , I remember our discussion a while ago where you've compared the old and newer grass and it ultimately boiled down to a matter of preference, albeit also a change in perceived density as a result, that I agree on. Still, if you are also making use of SketchUp, you may want to instead populate the scene with the provided grass-scatter material instead. I am also referring to the post from MatthiasL above where he showcased what is possible using scatter.

    The same applies to you of course , and if you haven't already, make use of Scatter but bear in mind though that this will have more of an influence on your performance compared to our normal grass.

    this is example made by old version of Enscape, but somebody did not see qality difference! I noticed bad grass performance (especialy on border areas) in present time versions

    Hi to All. I can share some small improvement that I use. There was a my post about grass qality, but without notable answer(((. SoI had to improve it myself...

    Just go to ENSCAPE folder: on my PC it is C:\Users\kiselev\AppData\Local\Programs\Enscape\Renderer\SystemData\Textures\Enscape\Common

    and replace grass.png with my one:…0TKBXPnfm5yNg3huqmDNC8tek

    Moste disappointing feature of Enscape grass is stright base line. In my grass it is fixed