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    Both topics are still on our agenda. :thumbup: But as we implemented Skatter support it has not the highest priority for SU at the moment.

    That is extremely disappointing to hear. Skatter is great, but it is a commercial plugin and puts a significant cost on any new Enscape user who wants to do exteriors. It is also highly inefficient to use without first converting to proxy so the weight of the model can be removed the Sketchup file.

    I would think with the other competition in the realtime market that implementing ways to compete with 3D vegetation would be a must. I have hundreds of plant models that I've created for my work, but at this point I have to go to another software to use them.

    I just want to leave here an official request for a fire object or a fire shader of some kind as I didn't see it on Trello. It could be something simple at first, but eventually having some particle effects would be a plus.

    There was a lot of discussion about proxy support early on and once Skatter support was added, the talk dropped off. I still see it on the Trello board. Is there still a possibility for this?

    We (or at least I) desperately need a better way to manage my plants and trees in order to use Enscape for my landscape architecture projects.

    This was discussed previously, but to reiterate......I would like to have the ability to insert a placeholder into the scene which will control the location, scale and rotation of an .skp file. Then being able link that placeholder with an .skp that is on the hard drive. The Enscape would see the linked .skp, while Sketchup would just see the placeholder. It would be similar to the way the light proxies work. Just a little window that would pop up when the object proxy is select that would allow you to link a file and maybe another that will let you replace. This would be enough for me. Having the Object proxies work with Skatter would be a plus, but not immediately necessary.

    Is there anything does anything like matterport , where there is simulated walking in the space?

    The matterport dollhouse walkthrough is really cool. That would be revolutionary if someone could do that with a 3D model and a series of images rendered with Vray or Corona. With a realtime engine like Enscape, you can just export an .exe and the user can move through the scene. The downside is that a lot of my clients at the homeowner consumer level don't have high end computers and end up getting lag with big scenes. For those clients I prefer to set up a Panoramic tour, which is more like teleporting from spot to spot instead of walking through the scene. It would be nice if there was a way to take all of the panoramas we create and then to organize them with a Map of the model embedded into a browser.

    ha ha ic.... good suggestion. So atm no solution to enhance the lighting?

    There is a lighting system in the works that will solve all of your problems and have true light components. Don't let the lighting be a deal breaker. Give it another week or two. ;)

    It's unrealistic because with Vray you are only calculating what is under the render bucket at render time. Enscape is loading and calculating the entire scene at the same time. This makes it very prohibitive to high polycounts, whether proxies or not. Even on the Sketchup end with proxies, it will kill performance if you use a super high poly asset. Twinmotion and Lumion are the same. You can import a high poly Evermotion tree into Lumion, but if you get more than a handful of them, your FPS will drop to unusable levels. The plant libraries that they use are all Speedtree, which creates Levels of Detail based on distance to the camera which is much more efficient. Even their other models are very low poly if you really look at them. Like Bart said, you'd be better off using assets made for a game engine.

    For background trees, I'd recommend Archmodels 113. They are built as low poly assets and work amazing with Enscape as is.

    I have Kolor Panotour which does it as well. However, RoundMe gives me a simple link that I can send a client and they can then share on social media. (Good marketing!) It's better and faster then trying to embed an HTML or least for me.

    I get the little eye when I upload the normal resolution to the cloud, but when I upload the high resolution, it goes all the way through the upload progress bar, but then I get no link to view it. I didn't know if it was a bug or a restriction with the web viewer that it will only host normal resolution panos.

    Just a thought, but this is something that you can do in the Kolor Panotour software, that I found to be super helpful. Namely, creating a custom floorplan overlay which identifies your location when moving through the panoramic tour. I thought it would be quite useful to have a similar feature in Enscape, which allows you in the .exe file to integrate a small floorplan in one corner, with a view direction icon that moves around the floorplan, corresponding to your location in the model. I'm sure it would be easier to implement in Revit with a dedicated floor plan layer, but perhaps in Sketchup, the user could create a scene with a section cut to define the floorplan. Just a thought.

    Not sure if this makes sense. Ultimately, I am suggesting a way to visually navigate the 3D by seeing a 2D map. Preferably a floorplan.