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    There's really two different things when we talk about animation:

    1. Enscape-driven objects like birds flying, wind in the trees, etc.

    2. User-driven objects animated with keyframe techniques.

    I'd much prefer the 2nd option be developed first, lol.

    Regardless, it would probably be a two step process, correct? Capturing something moving on a frame-by-frame basis for an animation is probably much easier to implement than a true, realtime scenario. With keyframed animation, the duration of the image generation would be the same as now - but perhaps have the option of adding a set amount of extra time to each frame (1 to 5sec?) so that all shadows/reflection/GI solutions have time to resolve. Just spitballing here, haha.

    You're right:thumbup:I would definitely push for the second option as well!:)

    Hi Demian - I am really interested in bringing animation (moving objects) into Enscape as well:thumbup:Enscape itself is amazing and animation would add much more value8)

    Is there any progress made in the meantime in developing that feature? Maybe there is also a timeline? - Appreciate your support:thumbup: