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    I have the RTX 2060 6 GB with 16 GB RAM on my personal computer. Enscape crashes a lot on High and Ultra when I click render

    I think its lack of memory. I have this exactly issue. Not sure if its an enscape issue or just my computer.

    I have 16 gb RAM on my personal and 64 gb RAM on work computers. And I can render just fine on Ultra with the 64 gb. Meanwhile on 16 gb, I can only render on medium.

    I like to learn more about the integration of Enscape, Revit, BIMTrack, Naviswork. I read the article and watch couple YouTube videos.

    When we do clash detection in Naviswork it creates coordinates of the clashes. Is it possible to bring that into BIMTrack and then using Revit BIMTrack plugin, the coordinates takes you where in the model clashes via Enscape.

    Similar to how we can creates issues in Enscape, by clicking on issue, it automatically takes you to that view.

    Is there anyway I can decrease the quality of the rendering for the issue render? It takes a long time for me to create an issue because it has to render the image first. I wish we could treat this more like a quick snapshot than a full rendering

    Hi all,

    I been having trouble over past couple weeks with Enscaping rendering, everytime I change a material or move families, it disappears from Enscape. And the only way it reappears is when I close Enscape and reopen it. I can see it in my 3D view just fine. A while ago, I used to have trouble with materials showing up, but I found a loophole of changing Material Selection in General Settings to Graphics and then changing it back to Appearance. Thats usually fixed it. But I don't know how to fix this. See below screenshot.

    Revit: 2021

    Enscape: 2.9.1 +34079


    Since I updated to 2.8, every time I sync in Revit, this loading screen appears in enscape. And its just stuck there. The only way to get rid of it is to close revit and reopen.

    *Update* It appears that Enscape thinks that 3D View got deleted. But it didnt.


    First of all I love the BIM feature, but some things that might be useful to change.

    1. Nothing happens when you click on objects from linked Revit file. It would be really helpful if we can click on those objects and it tells you all the specification of it and what category that object is in.

    2. If we have an option of hiding objects in enscape instead of hiding it in Revit.