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    Hi stphn74,

    Hope this is not too late for a reply. But I was just surfing on the internet hoping to find some tools that would help me take my Rhino models to Revit for further editing purposes. Usually I get the Rhino files from my Designing team and it just doesn't fit in the Revit environment at all. So, i found this tool called BIMDeX plugins especially for our use case - Rhino to Revit Exporter. This was super easy, I just like Exported the Rhino model and then Imported inside my Revit platform using their plugins and to my surprise it got the perfect model converted to Revit with no loss in geometry or such. Even the properties and material info was retained as it is. I guess, this might be a good deal, test it out if you have the time and share us your thoughts. I would be happy to think that i was able to help others as well...