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    Dear All,

    I have the issue where with more complex pattern textures, my Rhino mapping and Enscape mapping do not match, which makes it difficult to present the project proposal to the client. In the attachment you can see the comparison in the same view in Rhino and Enscape.

    The Rhino mapping is a uniform box mapping with adjusted scale. I am using Enscape 4.0.2 and Rhino 8 SR7

    Has anybody else encountered this issue?

    Best regards


    Hi All,

    I don't know if this is necessary, but I wanted to report here that my colleagues and I are experiencing the same issue as LeonS. I have reported it through 'Support' function and heard back from Customer Support that they have noted the issue but haven't been able to recreate it.

    In any case, at our office all users have the same situation where Named views are always synchronized between Rhino and Enscape and we would hope it can be changed or turned off, because it disrupts our workflow unfortunately.

    Thank you in advance!