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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.


    I use my trackpad to navigate in Enscape (pan, zoom, look around, rotate). I use karabiner app to simulate 3 button mouse (for pan and rotate), it works well.

    BUT, I can't find a way to have usable zoom in/out. With two fingers scroll in Enscape it's almost unusable : either the zoom does nothing, either it is too speed. The zoom in/out in not smooth at all 😢

    For now, the workaround I found is to sync view from Sketchup (the zoom with two fingers works very well in Sketchup).

    Do you plan to work on this issue or do you have a tip ? I've looked into Enscape settings, but nothing about trackpad zooming...

    Thank you !

    Hi all, last update : Upgrading macOS Sonoma to V14.5 beta 4 seems to stop any kernel panic/reboot.

    I've only done few tests, but my "reproduce steps" no more end up into kernel panic.

    I can't yet confirm confirm the kernel panic bug is totally fixed because I should spent more time working on my sketchup/enscape project.

    Good news : Bug seems to be fixed

    Bad news : This was on apple side (to be confirmed), and seems that they fix something silently... 🤷‍♂️

    I just updated my Macbook Pro M2 OS to the latest version, and then whenever i finished rendering my project, after i close the enscape app, my mac froze for a second and then restarted by it self, i'm assuming it crashed which makes my mac restarted.

    Hi, this bug/crash has been shared with Enscape in this thread, and It's now several days (or weeks on the Sketchup thread here) the point is at Chaos/Trimble.

    Nothing seems to be solved on their side, so I've done several tests and found one acceptable workaround : Launch Sketchup in "rosetta" mode. This way, I can use the "new GPU engine" of sketchup with no crash/reboot.

    You can also run sketchup in "native apple silicon", but you should in this case use the "old gpu engine" in sketchup settings.

    Those are the only 2 workaround, because for now neither Trimble, neither Chaos have found a patch/bug fix for macOS Sonoma 14.4+

    Hi Demian Gutberlet ,

    today I found another workaround: Just run Sketchup 2024 pro with "rosetta". It should run ok, no kernel panic after some hours of working with "new GPU engine", and I can close or hide Enscape window without kernel panic.

    If it works (I have to spend more time working this way to confirm the workaround), I think it is a more acceptable workaround than using "Classic GPIU engine" as "new GPU engine" as really better performances.

    Hope it could help Enscape consumers and Chaos developers to investigate deeply in this bug.

    Thanks and have a good week end.

    Hi Alexander Devaykin , I already create ticket 235108 and explain with detail how to reproduce (in my case, enscape leads to a kernel panic and forced rboot).

    But for now, the only answer I get is to use « legacy engine » in sketchup. And that the problem is on sketchup side.

    I would appreciate to have more technical details explaining why it’s not enscape intégration that is buggy. At least to confirm me that Chaos iz working on a fix.

    Don’t misunderstand, I love enscape, and that’s why I bought a yearly licence.

    But for now, it is very frustrating to have such a severe bug and just don’t know if anyone is working on this.

    It should work, but non pro/max/ultra apple silicon should be considered as minimum spec. You should encounter some lags with macbook air m3.

    I own a m2 pro mac mini (12 cpu / 19 gpu) with 32Go ram. With just a simple house modeling, I can consume more than 22go of ram, and memory presure at « amber ».

    So I would recommenf at least m3 pro. Depending your needs, a m3 max with 64gb seems to be more comfortable if you plan to modelize complex or heavy 3d model with texturing and videos making.

    If you plan to use enscape with sketchup 2024 : at this time you must know that you can’t use the « new gpu engine » in sketchup because it leads to a kernel panic as soon as you hise or close enscape window 🤷‍♂️

    The workaround is to use « legacy gou engine », but… this engine is waaaayyy far slower in sketchup.

    Response of support for ticket #235108 today. I'm very disappointed of the response that redirect to Trimble support, saying it's a SU 2024 bug, and without any technical information in what happen exactly with Enscape plugin.

    Was there any analysis done from Chaos teams on this problem ?

    Nice find! :thumbup:

    Thank you. In addition, I can say that when Enscape plugin is started and its window stayed open and "attached" to Sketchup window, all is OK.

    BUT, as soon as the enscape render window "disappears" or is closed (put it on another virtual desktop, minimize window to dock, close window, even quitting sketchup and restarting sketchup) the kernel panic occurs.

    Can you confirm me that your team is investigating this issue ? I also want to precise that I finally paid a yearly licence since yesterday because Enscape product is very good, and I'm confident that you take care of your customers :)

    Ok, so... Find a way to reproduce the kernel panic that leads to forced reboot on my Mac mini M2 pro (12 cpu, 19 gpu, 32Go ram, 1tb ssd), running macOS Sonoma v14.4.1, sketchup 2024 pro (licence acquired) and escape v4.0.1 (latest one, licence acquired).

    I'm working with sketchup 2024 pro with the "new GPU engine", with anti alias set to 0x, max texture size set to "yes", and "use quick response" (not sure of the English translation) set to "no"

    Sketchup 2024 pro works fine alone (i.e without enscape). I can start and work with Enscape plugin without any problem (for now). The Enscape window is showing, and it seems to work.

    BUT : How to reproduce the kernel panic : Simply minimize or close the Enscape window

    I can reproduce this 100% of the time

    I check the Enscape logs, but nothing in renderer, sketchupPlugin and so on. The logs do not contains any informations on kernel panic, and I even saw that there are no logs produced at the date/time the kernel panic occurs.

    So I'm pretty sure the problem comes from Enscape plugin.

    Let me know if you're working on a solution please.

    Thank you

    Thanks Demian Gutberlet . I'll stay in touch with your Mac specialists.

    So, in the meantime I'm also active on a sketchup forum topic dealing with a similar "behavior" :…-16-macbook-pro/267330/33

    It's not clear if the forced reboot is due to Sketchup, Enscape (I already have this with sketchup 2024 and escape V4.0.0), or the two (no time to check only sketchup without Enscape)

    So, thanks escape team to analyze my Enscape logs files

    Thank you for this new release and sketchup compatibility :thumbup:

    But, there is still a big big crash that occurs when I'm using Enscape with sketchup 2024. Randomly, my Mac freeze completely and then reboot automatically.

    I can provide Enscape logs file if it can help, but at this time Enscape is still unusable with sketchup 2024 (note that I've not this problem with sketchup 2023).

    Please note that I can't send bug report directly with the "send report" button in sketchup because when I try to click the "send" button, a pop up dialog says that Enscape can't send data because of network problem (I have no network problem, my internet connection is OK).

    Hi, for information i’m using enscape 4.0 with sketchup 2023 for personal projects. At this time, all in trial mode, but I’m going to buy licence for each. Even if I encounter some crashes… :(

    I also tried enscape 4.0 with sketchup 2024, but… it totally crash entire mac and end up in an automatic reboot (never seen that on my mac)

    So, do you inow when enscape will be updated for sketchup 2024 ?

    thabk you