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    I just wanted to share some issues I've had with 2.7 today that make it very difficult to use effectively.

    First and foremost, I can't get my Revit decals to show up in Enscape 2.7. The decals appeared in older versions of Enscape, but after updating they have disappeared. Additionally, when rendering a set of views, Enscape remained in 'walk' mode even for views I had generated in fly mode- my view from the couch became the view from standing on the couch, which I would hope is not a common occupant vantage point after construction. I was also wondering why there is no option to just render the current view- why do you need to create a new view to render? Additionally, rendering even a still image seems to take significantly longer than it did in previous versions.

    I think 2.7 has some promising features but I'm afraid I'll have to revert to an earlier version until it works a bit better.