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    Jorgensen We provide you a white horizon as well. You'll find it in the Atmosphere tab -> Horizon -> Preset -> White Ground.

    Hi Jonathan Knoefel I know of the white ground - it's been there for a long time, but...........

    It's not white - but gray - like seen the attached image. I have pointed that out along ago and was told - as I remember it - it had something to do with realistic lightning. But sometimes I just don't want a horizon, so beeing able to rotate the hdri would solve the problem, or being able to adjust the brightness of the ground.

    Sorry if I have overlooked some settings :-)


    Hi Demain

    I'm not sure how to exactly explain the camera shift function, but in other 3d software you can use this to move the whole image so you eg. get more of the sky in the image - and this does not move the camera nor the camera target - i guess others can explain it better how it's done :-)

    but the aim is to be flexible to how much sky and ground you have in the image - and while i write this, it just came to my mind that i might could achieve this by activate the "achitectural two-point perspective" and just "lean back" - and i have just testet - and it seems to do what the shift function normally do - so i've found a solution :-) but the dark horizon is still an issue.

    Summed up I would generally advice to have a look at the first page frequently, and if you have any specific questions about a certain new functionality what so ever, you can also always contact me via PM for example to receive further information, or send us an e-mail ( :)

    Doh - sorry I did'nt look at the first page. My fault.

    One thing though how large is "larger textures." ?

    I wonder if this is the right place to look for information regarding latest test releases?

    I see this text

    • Shadow sharpness setting
    • Support larger textures
    • Various bugfixes

    and could use a bit more info :-)

    sorry if I'm just looking the wrong place.


    hi milos.komlenic I agree, I'm just in somekind of limbo here.

    I have done projects completely in Revit, and I find Revit extremely useful for creating plans and sections, handling areas etc. but I find Sketchup a lot more intuitive compared to Revit.

    Very fast modeling, different solutions in the same model by using layers or hidden geometry, ok handeling of textures - especially compared to Revit witch sucks at mapping textures.

    I guess I have to continue switching between theese programs :-)


    I have just finished a project, where I create the plans and sections in Revit, and all the visual material was created in Sketchup / Enscape.

    It worked ok, but I found it troublesome and contra productive to handle and update two different models.

    Therefore I wonder if it's possible to create a full project in Sketchup - has anyone in here experience with using Sketchup for 2d drawings?

    I find Sketchup very limited regarding 2d drawings, like missing dashed lines, line thinkness and similar.

    But maybe Layout can be a help? I used Layout for facades, but without lines. Even that we need to link into an other program (Layout) to print is annoying, but I guess that's how it is.

    If this workflow should work, I think it could be very useful if we can link components to Enscape proxies (I don't think it's possible now?).

    What I mean by this is, for an example, I can have a drawing of a bed that looks like I would like to look in a plan drawing, but it acts like a normal detailed bed in Enscape.

    Just my thoughts after finishing this project.

    Or Rhino might be an alternative as an "all in one program"......


    what I meant is, once you save the original file that you're importing as a proxy, the change should update in the Enscape frame.

    it seems not to update when the proxy is on an external ssd. not that i had time to test it deep, but i tried to move the file to c: and then it got updated.


    Quite sure that I use the latest preview version. I’ll check that.

    Shouldn’t the size of the sharp area be adjustable? I can’t use it as it now.


    I'm trying to create an illustration where I want to have a blurred foreground, but the rest of the image should be quite sharp.

    It seems impossible to use the build-in DOF effect, as the field where the image is sharp, is very very narrow.

    Is the DOF effect working as intended or is it still in development?

    I really like the idea of having this feature as a fast way to add some depth to the image, without the need to create it in post.


    Once again - thanks to everybody.

    I have updated the images, and tried to add as many advices as I could figure out.

    Herbo thanks for the comments regarding the composition. I really appreciate them, and I have tried to split up the illustration into several images - as you said, to much going on, as I wanted to show everything in one image. I have tried to reduce the amount of perspective lines to achieve a more "calm" images. Also reducing the field of view helps a lot. The DOF adds depth to the images, but I find the Enscape build-in DOF option quite useless. Really helpfull tips. Are they from experience or specific literature on this topic?

    Gadget that makes sense. I will be aware of this in the next update :-)