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    hi simon

    i have downloaded the vr view package, extracted to my local server under


    i have downloaded the coral.jpg image from

    and copied this to root/coral.jpg.

    i have then tried with a html containing

    <iframe width="100%" height="300px" allowfullscreen frameborder="0" src="vrview/index.html?image=coral.jpg&is_stereo=true">


    <iframe width="100%" height="300px" allowfullscreen frameborder="0" src="vrview/index.html?image=../coral.jpg&is_stereo=true">


    <iframe width="100%" height="300px" allowfullscreen frameborder="0" src="vrview/index.html?image=localhost:8081/coral.jpg&is_stereo=true">

    this works

    <iframe width="100%" height="300px" allowfullscreen frameborder="0" src="//">

    but it's all black :-/

    i can't figure out why it won't work :-/


    i wonder if anyone know if it's possible to host panoramas on our own webpage?

    i have searched the web, but the best / simplest javescript based ones uses not single panorama images, but the 6 image model.



    posted this on trello, but not sure how many here visits trello....

    an easy way of exporting stereo panoramas from Enscape to Google Cardboard would be a very big win for us as architects.

    Right now my workflow is,

    - export stereo panorama from Enscape

    - open in photoshop

    - select top part of image

    - save as left.jpg

    - select buttom part of image

    - save as right.jpg

    - stitch the two images together using

    - download image

    - upload image to dropbox

    - download image to iphone

    - import into carboard camera

    it would be amazing if i could export an google cardboard stereo image right from enscape!

    yes i know that we can view images online, but that's not an option - it's simply to complicated for customers - google cardboard app is so simple to use.

    we are often facing customers that are scared of technology, so viewing the fine vr images enscape creates for us, requires an very easy way of displaying those images.

    just my words / opinion.

    juse one more thing....... i simply can't figure out how to sort images in google cardboard camera, for iphone - so if you do, please let me know.



    i have just bought a flowting license and have a few questions....

    if i install the license on multiple machines i guess i don't have to sign out - that works automatically?

    if the license is in use - do i get a message about the user? (so i can ask them to close enscape, if necessary)




    i wonder if anyone know of an easy solution to show customers stereo panorama via iphone / cardboard?

    i have purchase a "homido grab" headset, and i would like to be able to send my non-technical colleagues out to customers and have them being able to show customers the stereo panoramas we have created with enscape. but i have not found an easy solution yet.

    my dream scenario is - i send the panoramas to my colleagues via mail or dropbox - they then download them and save them on the phone - open an app - view the first image (sorted by name), and viewing the next image by pressing the button on the headset.

    i have tried creating stereo panoramas in enscape, export them, modify them online and then import them into google cardboard camera, and then view them in here, but it's a very long and very very troublesome way of doing this, and i can't even sort the images inside google cardboard camera - at lest i have not found out how....

    i cant rely on online solutions, as we don't know if we have access at the customer.

    any ideas are welcome.




    when we order new computers, we 'automatically' gets quadro cards.

    i just wonder if this the best card / cost? they seem quite expensive - and what about performance?

    i - myself - use gtx 780ti and gtx 1070 and i find them very fine.

    we use revit and sketchup.

    what are your recommendations or thoughts?




    running the lasted preview version, and it seems that motions are inverted when using htc vive.

    i know this has been an issue before - but this should be a high priority fix, as it makes our use of enscape absolute impossible - or have i overlooked something?