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    First - this is simply one of the best tools for presenting projects for clients - easy to setup and easy to use!!

    I only have a few small issues

    - it would be nice to be able to pin the images at the bottom

    - others users simply don't the see images at the bottom, images might be pinned as defalut?

    - when using an ipad, it's not always positive that we have to move the ipad around to see the images. When we sit to a meeting, with people around the table, and the ipads is laying on the table and we stream to a monitor on the wall, or we all just look at the ipad it feels very awkward to need to swing the ipad around in the air. Can we have a navigation option, to navigate just like we do with the mouse when using a pc, but on the ipad using a finger.


    When I have a large model, I need to pause Live updates, and I have to open the Enscape menu and press the pause button, and then go back to the menu I was using.

    A pause button directly in the Enscape window, might make it faster to turn on and off live updates? or a button both places?


    I agree 100% - it's really cool tool - I will try to encourage our constructing architects to try it, they have already started to use Enscape to check their models.

    Yes - it's working - it is simply so cool to walk around in VR inside a project we are designing - I'm really going to push us to use to much more - and I think that the wireless Quest 2, could be the tool to make it happen - it's just so cool.

    Happy Jorgensen

    Hi Poul

    I know how to do it in photoshop :) I just don't wan't go though PS to achieve it.

    There is really no reason to complicate the workflow, just export an png file with transparent background - bam. Just like Vray does it. Insert the png directly into indesign.

    It's not a big issue, it is just irritating me.

    I know this has been mentioned before, but I find it to be a simple feature, that has a huge impact on the workflow, and I miss it a lot.

    For an example

    I need to export an isometry of a building, with no ground around - just flowing in space.

    I export the image as png, but the background is also saved, and has a blueish tone, so I can't just link it into my indesign document.

    I have to export the png, open it in photoshop, use the object or material id to mask it out - save again, then link the photoshop file into indesign.

    And if I update the image, I have to do it all again. Not a huge issue if I have one image, but if there is a lot of images, its quite time consuming. To the alternative - export -> update.

    Would you consider having an option, to let us export with out the background?

    If there is an easier way to achieve the same result please let me know :)

    Thanks :)

    Well I found this tutorial to get Air Link to run.

    I started Sketchup, started Enscape and activated the VR Headset in Enscape. And there where a connection, I could see the view moving acording to the movement of the headset, but the in the headset was just black.

    And now I get a "quit current app" message, no matter what app I try to start. The popup ask me to quit the current app running, before I continue - but it nothing is happening.

    I quess I need to wait until the Air Link is public released.



    I guess it's already been asked, but I could not find any posts using the search function.

    Does anyone know if Enscape will support Air Link - in Sketchup and / or Revit - when the function rools out?

    Btw. I have Air Link in the settings in the desktop software, under settings > beta, but nothing in the headset - has any one got it to work?



    hi Adam

    Thanks for getting back - I have an account locked to my private email, and via that I'm able to test Sefaira.

    What I find out for now - is that we actually need to have two models, one "real" model, and a very simple model for lightning analysis.

    I think I need to spend some time looking into this. I don't know of predesign service included with pro?