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    Well I found this tutorial to get Air Link to run.

    I started Sketchup, started Enscape and activated the VR Headset in Enscape. And there where a connection, I could see the view moving acording to the movement of the headset, but the in the headset was just black.

    And now I get a "quit current app" message, no matter what app I try to start. The popup ask me to quit the current app running, before I continue - but it nothing is happening.

    I quess I need to wait until the Air Link is public released.



    I guess it's already been asked, but I could not find any posts using the search function.

    Does anyone know if Enscape will support Air Link - in Sketchup and / or Revit - when the function rools out?

    Btw. I have Air Link in the settings in the desktop software, under settings > beta, but nothing in the headset - has any one got it to work?



    hi Adam

    Thanks for getting back - I have an account locked to my private email, and via that I'm able to test Sefaira.

    What I find out for now - is that we actually need to have two models, one "real" model, and a very simple model for lightning analysis.

    I think I need to spend some time looking into this. I don't know of predesign service included with pro?

    Thanks Adam

    I just downloaded the plugin via your link - got it installed, but was told that I "Sefaira invalid license, You do not have access to Sefaira at this time".

    I first searched via the plugin browser in Sketchup - I could not find it there... then I tried to download the Studio Trial, but it seems that I have already tried the 2021 trail :-/

    I have asked Trimble how I can test Sefaira.

    Are you using Sefaira?


    Thanks to your both.

    We do have a Revit suit, and 3ds max is included, but we have no one that uses it, but I we might need to look into that.

    Do you have a specific reason to turn down Autodesk Insight? (not that I'm impressed but it)

    And yes - some services are hard to get paid for, but it seems that daylight might become a demand here in Denmark, so that's why we are starting to look into that, and if we can do while we design, it could be a plus for us.

    We have Sketchup Pro licenses, but no Studio versions - I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to try a trail version.


    Thanks for the input snowyweston

    Ladybug could be interesting - we use Revit and Sketchup. And it seems that Ladybug can be used with Revit / Dynamo - do you have any experience with that?



    We see an upcoming demand for daylight analysis, and I would like to hear is any users in here, that has experience regarding this topic?

    We need to prove that a least half the floor area in a room, has more than 300 lux, in at least half the day. For this I thought that Enscapes light view mode could be used.

    I have done a light study in using Enscape and Sketchup, but I find it difficult to know if the analyse that is shown is reliable, and I'm not sure if I should use the automatic scale or manual set the scale?

    When I export the image / movie the light scale is not included noir is the time of day - so its not that usefull. Is where a supposed way to use the light study / does anyone use it?

    ps. I can't upload the clip I created, I get an "the file extension is invalid", so I need to use dropbox.…e0/20210218%2001.mp4?dl=0




    The automatic naming feature is really nice - especially when I need to create a lot of different shots from different angles and layers turned on and off.

    One thing I really miss though - the possibility to add a custom prefix like 20201020 so the files could be named like 20202010 164251 or similar - and you are welcome to skip the Enscape_ :)

    Should be easy to do ^^