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    Might be a stupid question, but could it be technical possible to create somekind of node editor for Enscape / Sketchup?

    The reason I ask is, that I have used Octane a couple of times, and found the node way of doing things quite usefull - well a least when I got used to it :-)

    It could be useful to setup some textures, and then be able to switch them around to fast check out the effect they have.


    I have a sketchup plantmodel. When I open the file it looks ok, but when I start Enscape, the texture is missing even when the texture is in the file - I could export the texture, and import in enscape material editor, but that does not seem right.

    The file has been moved to an other folder, can this cause the problem? and is there an easy way to fix it?

    Thanks :-)


    I don't know if it's possible, but being able to pick an object in Revit via the Enscape could be handy.

    An example, i walk around the house in the Enscape view, and find that the floor is to dark, then I have to find the right view in Revit to select the floor, to change the material.

    It could be nice if I could select the object in the Enscape view, and then just change the material in Revit. It's not a big issue, and I can very well live without, but if... :-)

    And if.....the solution sould be well thought, so we don't highlight all objects all the time, but maybe a somekind of hotkey could work.



    We consider investing in a 3d scanner for registration of existing buildings.

    Therefore I would like to know, if anyone in this forum, has experience with 3d scanning and have any recommendation regarding these products?

    We have been recommended this one Leica BLK360.

    It's quite an investment, so it would be nice to hear others experiences :-)

    It's primary use will be for Autodesk Revit.


    Thanks for the replies.

    I made a new image - with other settnigs, as I don't remember those from the first one.

    I just wondered why there was such a huge difference in the lightning of the wall in the back, and the other surfaces, but in the new image, it looks less distinct, but I still wonder i it's realistic that E is that brighter than C? It seems that D is not affect by shadows as C.

    But some of it might be caused by optic illustions?

    Not that big deal, I'm just wondering :-)


    Sean Farrell thanks for your reply, very appreciated. But you still use resources (money) on developing assests, witch I also see as a concern, and why I moved from Lumoin as they started to create a lot of useless content that we had to pay for. But I'm a very concerned person :-)

    Just my concerns.


    exactly what made us shift from Octane render for Sketchup. I'm also very concerned about the amount of time going into creating assests - why not just let us add content to the asset browser our self?

    Jorgensen We provide you a white horizon as well. You'll find it in the Atmosphere tab -> Horizon -> Preset -> White Ground.

    Hi Jonathan Knoefel I know of the white ground - it's been there for a long time, but...........

    It's not white - but gray - like seen the attached image. I have pointed that out along ago and was told - as I remember it - it had something to do with realistic lightning. But sometimes I just don't want a horizon, so beeing able to rotate the hdri would solve the problem, or being able to adjust the brightness of the ground.

    Sorry if I have overlooked some settings :-)


    Hi Demain

    I'm not sure how to exactly explain the camera shift function, but in other 3d software you can use this to move the whole image so you eg. get more of the sky in the image - and this does not move the camera nor the camera target - i guess others can explain it better how it's done :-)

    but the aim is to be flexible to how much sky and ground you have in the image - and while i write this, it just came to my mind that i might could achieve this by activate the "achitectural two-point perspective" and just "lean back" - and i have just testet - and it seems to do what the shift function normally do - so i've found a solution :-) but the dark horizon is still an issue.