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    +1 for this

    Also consider when switching between renovation states it takes even longer than it does with layers.

    If it takes 10 seconds with layers, it takes 45 seconds with renovation states (going from existing to new for example)

    What! Are you serious?

    You (enscape) have told us earlier that connection to cinerender was on the way, and why develop a plug in for archicad that cannot use the same principles as the other plugins? Basic features like bump/normal is a must, without it the plug is basically useless for serious production...

    Or is enscape for archicad getting the same kind of menu/tools for materials as sketchup? (instead of cinerender connection)

    Enscape runs ok on bootcamp.

    I use both a separate PC on work and my MacbookPro (2017) with Bootcamp (SketchUp now - waiting for the Archicad plugin).

    Sure you don't get the same performance on Bootcamp with the AMD Radeon on MBP as you would on a PC workstation with a Nvidia 1080, but that's only when we have to walk around in VR. Otherwise my MBP is perfect with Enscape.

    Would of course be heaven for us if Enscape was on both Mac and Archicad!!!

    I'm with Gavin on this also.

    We build custom gdl-objects, and Archicad add-ons for our clients, and having a connection to Enscape from Archicad would be a total game changer.

    For materials, hopefully you can use parameters from Cinerender and not the Internal.