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    I did the same thing. It's working great so far, even the VR portion. Have not tried the orthographic views or other newer features yet, though.

    They work fine...I dove right into them. The diff views ortho and 2pt persp are very cool...and work well. Nice added features.

    Note...if you copy your SU2019 Enscape plugin files into your SU2020 plugins folder...the latest version of Enscape, 2.7 will work fine in SU2020. We've not had any issues so far.

    It may work, but it's not officially supported yet so we cannot guarantee that there'll be no complications between Enscape and SU 2020.

    I can confirm that it does indeed work. I followed your steps and copied over the SU2019 Enscape plugin files to the SU2020 folder and it started up fine. Haven't had an issue to this point. Using the latest version of Enscape 2.7, which BTW, has great new features we're enjoying using!