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Please note: Should you experience issues with Enscape or your subscription, and in case of any urgent inquiries/questions (e.g. regarding our upcoming licensing changes) please reach out to our dedicated support team via the Help Center or Support button as detailed here.

    So basically, when we pay for a license, we're really not purchasing the's more of a "lease"? If you're subscription runs out - can you no longer use the software title that you paid for? I hadn't really come upon this premise until reading all the unhappy comments about the restricted mode removal...? It seems that a fantastic piece of software is really making it difficult to stick with?

    Rick Marx - please let me know on the above? Do we actually own anything or are we just leasing a title for the duration of a subscription period? We did make purchase for a seat prior to the subscription model was that seat and version now nullified? Please clarify these items? Thanks.

    That is still available in both the latest preview and release. The settings are still identical to those found in the preview, only the UI has been reworked. So if you can't find it, please kindly send me a screenshot of the Visual Settings -> Main tab as well. :)

    ...hehe, I guess I was just "Project Rushed"! Sure many here can relate! Didn't see it but have now found it in the Visual Settings tab. Thanks for the responses!

    Hi Enscapers!

    One of my favorite features of Enscape was the ability to control the outline visibility of your renders...for some reason, I'm not able to find it in the recent releases? Can someone direct me to where I can find this slider??


    Demian Gutberlet - That motion feature is one of the nice touches you get with TwinMotion rendering software. It brings MUCH more realism to a live still shot as you "walk" through your scene dynamically. Other examples would be TV or Computer monitors running video during your live walk through. It's great for a video presentation, but, allowing the client to have the option of going wherever they want during a presentation is much more powerful than simply showing a pre-rendered video clip. Implementing this option would make this software SO MUCH MORE attractive to the TwinMotion/Lumion type users out there.

    As you suggested earlier, adding a toggle so the user can enable/disable live motion within a walkthrough mode could fit the bill and allow folks who don't have PC's with the horsepower needed to opt out to retain system performance.

    Thanks for entertaining the ideas...we all want the software to get better as it progresses and develops.

    A switch added to the Visual Settings would be a good option I think. That way you could use static screen images "live" for client review. This is a useful option when doing dynamic design on screen. Motion videos are not that useful for dynamic review sessions. Adding an option to turn the sway "on or off" for a session would be beneficial and add greater flexibility. Thanks!

    I just installed 2.8 and dropped a few standard asset trees into my scene. No tree motion when the screen is static, but the trees sway only when I move around in the scene? Is there a toggle or setting to enable trees to move in the scene when static? Or, is this just a release bug? Using Enscape trees btw.

    I did the same thing. It's working great so far, even the VR portion. Have not tried the orthographic views or other newer features yet, though.

    They work fine...I dove right into them. The diff views ortho and 2pt persp are very cool...and work well. Nice added features.

    Note...if you copy your SU2019 Enscape plugin files into your SU2020 plugins folder...the latest version of Enscape, 2.7 will work fine in SU2020. We've not had any issues so far.

    It may work, but it's not officially supported yet so we cannot guarantee that there'll be no complications between Enscape and SU 2020.

    I can confirm that it does indeed work. I followed your steps and copied over the SU2019 Enscape plugin files to the SU2020 folder and it started up fine. Haven't had an issue to this point. Using the latest version of Enscape 2.7, which BTW, has great new features we're enjoying using!