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    And adding to the above question, if I've created a preset, and then made a few adjustments, I also don't see a way to just save those updates in that preset...I have to create a new preset with each incremental change?

    dldieterich2 Please make sure that you've opened the sidepanel of the visual settings by pressing the arrow-button.

    Right-click the preset in the list. A context menu opens. There you can select "reset to default".

    The changes are saved automatically. If you have selected Preset A and you do changes to Preset A, Enscape updates it immediately. We are aware that this behavior causes some downsides which are already discussed in the forum. You can follow the discussion here.

    We are collecting more insights to improve the behavior of the presets.

    Speaking of Enscape startup - is there a way to set the Enscape window to not always show the help panel by default when you first open it? I thought there might be a settings toggle but I didn't see anything. Please add one if there isn't one already.

    Please go to the CAD sided general settings > preferences and uncheck "Show On-Screen Help on Startup" to change the default behavior of the new help panel.

    Why i can't reload the presets i made with 2.9 version in 3.0 version?

    Hello Ranindita,
    the following steps should allow you to load older presets in 3.0.

    - open the Visual Settings Window

    - expand the left side of the window by clicking the small arrow

    - click the import icon button next to "custom presets"

    You can find further instructions regarding Visual Settings in this merged thread.
    Previous releases/previews merged thread

    PS. I know that RTX is located in general settings, but it was my understanding that this was moving as well? And the most important settings regarding quality is still in the visual settings (namely render quality).

    I'm really glad that you like our new UI! :)
    All the cad-sided general-settings-tabs you see in our current preview will remain CAD-sided. Please be sure, that we have your concern regarding visual settings - render quality - on our radar.

    i've mentioned this a lot of times before, and MANY users have backed the points... but it seems that it is all being ignored? How come?

    Especially because the fix is SO simple! Just let us open Enscape WITHOUT exporting the model. instead have e big export/play button in the window, that starts the export process when the user is ready.

    Thank you so much for your statement! We appreciate your insights, we really do.

    This answer might not be satisfying, but even if the solution seems "simple", it must be well considered, planned and executed. Especially with all the big changes going on.

    The RTX (and all other settings that has an effect on performance) still can be turned on and off on the cad-sided UI - general settings > performance.

    Hello Enscape Community!

    On the 4th of November we released Enscape 2.9. Among other features such as displacement maps and video textures, the new version offers the possibility to create your own custom assets by using the Enscape Asset Editor.

    In this survey you can tell us more about your common workflow using Enscape Assets and you can give us feedback about the usability of the Creation of Custom Assets. Let's optimize and expand the feature together. :)

    Estimated time: 10 minutes


    This survey has been closed for now. Thanks a lot for participating!

    Out of curiosity, why is it not called "export material" and "import material" instead of "export material package"/"import load material package"?

    The format also includes all texture-files that were used for the material.

    Hello, I would like to ask why when I right-click on the material list, the material import and export option does not appear?


    Which preview are you using?
    Please note, that the export and import function is only available for the material editor inside the asset editor.

    Hey Hana, could you explain a bit more what a "material package" is. How is it different from a "material"? For example, can a material package contain multiple materials? (I would test it out, but I don't have the latest preview installed because I'm working on a project that uses 2.7.2 still).

    Hi Pieter,

    the export format is .matpkg. Right now you have to rightclick each material of an asset seperately to export or import one .matpkg.

    It's awesome to import your own assets now! For things like Vehicles, where there are maybe tens of assets, all of the prior asset settings are not correlating to the asset creator when importing geometry as a .fbx. Is there a possible work around, where perhaps the material settings used on those assets can imported into the creator, versus having to manually go one-by-one and toggle a ton of separate settings? Even if the model is imported as an fbx, assuming the creator utilizes its own file type when saving it to the library, is it then compatible?

    Or could a possible solution be like the proxies? I know that when say a sketchup model is saved as a component, and imported as a proxy, the settings on materials are kept. Is it possible to preload proxy paths into the Enscape Asset Library, create an option to use a sketchup thumbnail (or import your own thumbnail), and use it like a Palette so that what you need is immediately available and they can be placed much faster (in the same manner as the objects; albeit they will still be import in their proxy cubes).

    One last thing, is is a possibility to add the precise value setting as just clicking on the number and editing it while highlighted? Such as in Photoshop, you can scale the value via a slider as well as just click the value directly and editing it in its own little window.

    By rightclicking a material, you can export and import material packages.

    There are two ways to add the precise value.

    1. You can select a slider and type in a value directly. Once you start entering numbers, an input field will appear.

    2. You can click on the three dots next to the slider and select "Set Value"

    I hope this will help to improve your workflow.

    We have been trying to use Enscape as a final quality control review for our projects for a while, but we have found it somewhat cumbersome to take notes quickly and accurately in a way that makes it easy to distribute to the project team. We just started using this feature and are excited about its potential.

    In the short time we have been using this, we have found that it would be useful to have the ability to export the issues as a PDF (with comments and screenshots) in a summary document (similar to other software that we use for field reports) for distribution within the design team. It would also be useful if the issues could sync across users in Revit without the requirement of paying for an additional plugin, like BIM Track. Currently, the only way we can find to distribute comments within Enscape/Revit is to export the issues as a BCF and import on a different computer.

    Welcome to the forum and thank you very much for your feedback.
    Please feel free to participate and share your thoughts in this survey.

    Hello Enscape Community,

    Enscape 2.8 has been released. With the new feature "collaborative annotation" we offer a tool that enables a higher transparency in the work with colleagues and clients.

    In this survey you can give us feedback about the usability of this feature. With your help, we can improve and extend it exactly where it is needed.

    Please note that you should only participate in this survey if you have already used the feature "Collaborative Annotation".

    Estimated time: 10 minutes

    Thank you very much!

    I want to thank all participants of the survey very much. Over the last months, more than 190 responded to the survey, giving us a good insight into the general use of the features. This kind of exchange helps us to further improve Enscape and I hope to continue to have such valuable input in the future. Thank you!

    Thanks for your input. I understand that the screen real estate is not very effectively used here.
    We are working on a redesign and have your thoughts in mind, but probably there won't be a quick implementation in the next releases.

    Dear Forum community, it's time for some statistics. :)

    We want to know how you are using Enscape and how you rate the usability of our software.

    For this purpose we have prepared a survey that systematically goes through our main features.

    However, in order to keep it short, not every single aspect within the domain is examined.

    We would greatly appreciate a lively participation.

    Please click the link below to start the survey:

    The survey above has been closed for now! Thank you for your time and insights!