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    Established that the door leaf had been modelled as a generic model so enscape wasn’t recognising it as a door when it was nested into the door frame family. Works fine when the door leaf is also modelled as a door and nested into the door frame family. We’re fairly new to enscape so it wasn’t an issue for us previously (but to be honest was probably poor Revit housekeeping on our part). Going forward this shouldn’t cause us any further issues.

    A team mate of mine has a similar issue with a sliding door family. He had to make the nested door panels as generic models instead of doors because nested doors were throwing a wrench in the Revit Door schedule. Is there a way to make all parts of the nested family take on the attributes of a door, and allow you to pass through it? (it is a parametric stacking multi panel sliding door, using an array, so not doing it as a nested family wont work.)