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    I am aware of discussions in this forum about this subject, so I dont intend to spark that debate more. Just looking for some support.

    For what it is worth, last week we used enscape wirelessly with awesome success. Additional momentum of adding orthographic renderings is a huge step forward for better implementation and use of enscape for our clients.


    This week the app that we would use to connect wirelessly has changed it process to engage vr wirelessly to the desktop. It now requires to start the experience from the SteamVR dashbord. Sort of.

    I can manually inject the standalone executable within the SteamVR dashboard, but fails to engage vr since the standalone exe doesnt start in vr (seems like this blog post indicated there at least used to be a vr first exe).

    I understand that the development of "Virtual Desktop", or "SteamVR", or "Oculus" are all parties at play.

    Using the OculusLink works fine, but showing to executives without wire is a gigantic need as it massively reduces adoption of a specialized space. With rift, i could get 1 or 2 to don the HMD. Last week I had most involved (20+) enjoying the experience.

    Update: We have it working again.