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    @Demian, has there been any resolution of this issue? I commonly do the same thing, cutting some objects, but not others.

    This also is a useful trick to have a common source component, and clipping only parts of some objects that intersect one another in odd geometries. It would be great if Enscape could recognize multiple nested section cuts.


    It is also important to have some option of with and without the hanging "moss" parasites to complete the effect. I've used the live oak trees from Form Fonts, but it would be great to have a tree that obeys the wind effects and materials of Enscape.

    Compositing images in other software is a common task. I can work around the issue by taking extra time to import a channel manually, but I don't want to do this. I have to make many images over and over again with the same settings and all I need is to have the ability to export the PNG with a transparent background.

    Is adding this feature on the development road map, just like you have "White Background" as an export option? Seems like an easy and long-overdue win!

    I am often working with nested section cuts to manage creation of complex drawings in SketchUp. These do not work for a rendered view. Is this on the horizon yet? I have the 2.9 preview (Sept 16) installed.

    Also as in related posts, it would be nice to be able to toggle whether shadows honor the complete model or the "sliced" view, so plan and section views can remain fairly conceptual rather than representations of "reality"