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Please note: Should you experience issues with Enscape or your subscription, and in case of any urgent inquiries/questions (e.g. regarding our upcoming licensing changes) please reach out to our dedicated support team via the Help Center or Support button as detailed here.

    I thought I would provide a little feedback following a 'live project', in my role I typically create initial concepts of New Build construction or alterations to existing buildings. Once the concept is agreed by the client, I create Planning drawings and apply for permission to the Local Authority. Following this, I create construction details and submit Building Regulations applications, then arrange building contractors. As my focus has to be more on the physical aspects of construction, I have little time to learn rendering methods, though they are often asked for, particularly by home owners. In the past I have used poorly updated rendering plugins that are CPU intensive and take a very long time to process, for this and other reasons I have two workstations. One workstation is used for 2D work and preparation of 3D models, while the other creates animations and render stills - while this is one solution of many, it's very inconvenient at times, especially when I'm sitting next to a client on-site.

    I demo'd Enscape and was very impressed at the ease of use, so I have paid for 1 month to start with. Soon I intend to upgrade my workstation to include a RTX 3080 or similar, and should the renders I've created with Enscape be popular, I will likely transfer to the 1 year subscription model. If this goes well, I will also get a powerful Laptop to use Enscape while meeting with clients, possibly utilising Virtual Reality. I have used the latter and was blown away by the realism with very little effort involved.

    Something I specifically liked was the auto-ambient lighting - it meant I could start a video externally and then go into the building, and the lighting would adjust. Really really impressed by that.

    My only 'wishlist' comment is to have doors opening during walk through videos, something I'm well aware can be achieved one way or another (using tags/layers for example), but that is fairly tedious. As Enscape has wind effects on grass, trees, etc., it would be nice if other physically moving objects could be integrated. I do appreciate this is easier said than done, but look forward to future updates.

    Many thanks,


    Hi there,

    I know Sketchup well and have recent experience with Enscape, I welcome corrections but I would suggest spending money on a CPU that has few cores at a faster frequency. Use the remaining budget for a 2070 or 2080 if possible. In typical use, I see relatively little CPU usage, but very high GPU usage.

    If possible, wait until RTX 3070/3080's become available again.

    Hope that helps.

    Ofcourse it will still need a computer with decent video card to process the executable at your clients end.

    Would be great if future vr goggles have enough inhouse power to process it withouth a pc.

    Luckily most of them have powerful machines, some seem to be high end'ish Mac's. It is more of a Windows friendly package?

    I'm sure the day will come when goggles have enough integrated power, now that would be ideal.

    Just in case it's helpful to know, I'm running SU 2020 + P2000 Quadro, just tried installing Enscape and it said it would not work with my GPU. Fortunately I have a spare workstation and it runs fine on that.

    EDIT: I should have actually tried it and ignored the warning - it does in fact work, quite well in fact.

    Enscape does not support SketchUP 2020 currently. You have probably installed it for 2020 by manually copying the plugin files like some users here on forum suggest. Since we don't support 2020, we also don't install anything in for 2020 during update, which would explain that nothing changed for you in 2020 with 2.7 installation.

    Please wait for 2.7.1 release which will support Sketchup 2020.

    Thank you Alexander, though just to clarify I merely went to your website, downloaded the MSI via the Trial page and installed it. I did not copy plugin folder contents from one place to another, as there were no files to begin with.

    I look forward to your updated version once you've caught up with SU 2020, though in the meantime, perhaps you should make it clear that SU 2020 is not yet supported.

    Richmond  Demian Gutberlet

    It may be of use to know I've experienced the same issue, only with sketchup 2020. The install proceeds without warnings or error codes, but there is no change to sketchup, I.e. no additional plugin or toolbars. I wonder if the msi file has become corrupted?

    I have attempted installation on two machines, an Xeon based workstation and i7 based mobile workstation.

    It isn't critical as I can buy another render plugin, a shame though as Enscape looks very appealing, especially as we use VR to show our clients proposed house and industrial unit design.

    Look forward to any updates.