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    Just curious, how far is "too far" away from the origin? 10m? 50m? 100m?

    Our office standard units is millimetres, is there a significant change between mm and cm? As opposed to mm and metres?

    This is good to know when setting up future projects, thanks!

    Hi Enscape team,

    I seem to have an issue with self-illuminated materials. I have applied them to large surfaces on the floor and ceiling of a gym for even lighting in addition to light fixtures. When I move around, the surfaces flicker. This is not a z-fighting issue as I have checked for any interference and there is none, the surfaces are far from other surfaces in the z-direction. The problem gets even worse when seeing the ceiling surface from the outside through glass into the room. Once I turn off self-illumination in the enscape materials, this behavior stops. The ceiling surface is quite large but the floor is broken up into several pieces and it happens on both. Are there limitations on self-illuminated surfaces that would cause this? Have you run into this before? I'm using Enscape and Rhino 6.


    Yes, reflections will be more complex and accurate compared to what you see in the image.

    Please refer to the posts above - we're always working on improving our reflections, but we also have to make sure that it's still performing well, since real-time reflections involve finding a good mix of performance and output.

    Hi Demian,

    I don't know if it is possible but it would be great to get a "special" version of Enscape for power users that have hardware that can provide the performance and high quality output. Just like a special preview version is available for those of us that want to test new features, can you release a version that is configured for quality over performance? That way your normal version stays fast for the majority of users but the ones that want that extra quality can also get it. If that is not on the development wishlist, can I request to add it?

    Hi Enscape Team,

    I'm noticing some issues with reflections in Rhino 6, I'm using version 2.7.1+20886.

    I have a fairly large and complex model full of Escape asset trees. When I view a glass wall and move around, the reflections of nearby trees and objects disappear and reappear seemingly at random. Moving closer to the wall seems to get rid of many reflections of nearby trees. When moving around, reflections pop in and out. This is also not solved in videos, the same behavior is also visible. I have a powerful workstation so it's not a hardware limitation (RTX5000, 8core 4GHz processor). Is my model too big? Are the model extents too far? Is the model too far away from 0,0,0? I tried reducing the model with clipping planes but this did not help. Any suggestions are welcome as well as any previous builds that I can try with more stable reflections.



    What I usually do is render the same view twice - once with the trees/entourage, and one without. I layer them in photoshop and have a lot of control over the transparency. I have also done similar things with videos, where I overlay the footage from the two exports in premiere pro and control it that way.

    However, would be nice to have this feature for walkthroughs (and also faster workflow for renders/videos if we save a step).

    I noticed these error messages occurring when Enscape starts and similar ones when Enscape does a live update:

    Command: EnscapeStartCommand

    2019.08.28 12:18:52.275 -07:00 [1] | INFO | Start Enscape ...

    2019.08.28 12:18:54.514 -07:00 [32] | INFO | Starting Enscape

    2019.08.28 12:18:59.184 -07:00 [32] | INFO | Enscape started - elapsed: 4669ms

    2019.08.28 12:19:05.405 -07:00 [1] | WARN | API Error: CreateModelFromGeometry: Invalid parameter (indexBuffer is NULL or indexBufferSize is 0)

    2019.08.28 12:19:05.408 -07:00 [1] | WARN | API Error: AddModelInstance: Model does not exist

    2019.08.28 12:19:05.411 -07:00 [1] | WARN | API Error: CreateModelFromGeometry: Invalid parameter (indexBuffer is NULL or indexBufferSize is 0)

    2019.08.28 12:19:05.414 -07:00 [1] | WARN | API Error: AddModelInstance: Model does not exist

    2019.08.28 12:19:05.417 -07:00 [1] | WARN | API Error: CreateModelFromGeometry: Invalid parameter (indexBuffer is NULL or indexBufferSize is 0)

    2019.08.28 12:19:05.420 -07:00 [1] | WARN | API Error: AddModelInstance: Model does not exist

    any ideas or has anyone had any similar messages?

    I don't use Enscape + Rhino very often but I have been using it this week and Rhino crashes very often and only when Enscape is running. It often happens when I forgot that Enscape is live updating and I do something intensive and quickly and I guess the live updating struggles and causes Enscape to crash. This is annoying but I can live with only updating Enscape when I'm done making significant changes and then turning live updates on and then off right away. I also have autosave setup everytime I run enscape, not sure if this contributes to the problem. However, I just had Rhino crash a few times in a row upon running Enscape. The Rhino file is not heavy or intensive and I've had it happen in multiple different files with various geometry and materials.


    Version 6 SR16

    (6.16.19190.7001, 7/9/2019)



    Thanks in advance

    I'm looking for an alternative to lugging around our most powerful desktop PC to client presentations. I'm looking at laptops with new RTX cards but most have the "Max-Q" variation which means slimmer laptops but with a loss in performance compared to the RTX cards for desktops.

    Alternatively, I can buy an external GPU enclosure for one of our Dell XPS laptops that have thunderbolt 3 port and use a full RTX card. I understand both are not as good as a desktop setup with an RTX card but does anyone have any recommendations on what would be the better mobile setup?

    As we already have the XPS laptop, the external GPU would be cheaper, but does anyone have any experience with External GPUs running enscape? We push enscape pretty hard with complex revit models and present on 4k displays so performance is important.

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Demian,

    Unfortunately I cannot share any images or videos or files of the projects I am working on. This happens on different projects and with both Revit 2017 and Revit 2018 so I know its not an issue specific to the files or software. This is happening quite often even with the new 2.5 version. I've recently been noticing it happening when I have enscape open in the background and after a while of working elsewhere, I click back into the Enscape window and it starts moving to one direction (not always the same direction, sometimes to the side, sometimes up) by itself and sometimes the sun cycles as well as if the keys are stuck. I thought it might have been related to my 3D spacemouse but it happens even when it is turned off. Sometimes it happens right when Enscape opens and I have to close and reopen Enscape. I've never had it happen in a exe export or in Rhino so it might be a Revit specific issue.

    Hope that helps, I'll keep updating if I notice any changes.

    Hi Enscape team,

    I'm experiencing an issue with Enscape which could be related to syncing with central models. In Revit 2018 and sometimes in Revit 2017, after syncing with central, the Enscape model will update and then start moving on its own in one direction. Sometimes the sun will cycle as if the daytime key is being pressed. This happens often when syncing but not every time. I have to close Enscape and start the window again to stop Enscape from moving on its own. I do have a 3D spacemouse and a logitech mouse with Logi software, but I don't think that is the cause as I think this happened before I started using that hardware. Let me know if you have any suggestions.