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    Thanks a lot for your feedback. For now, there are no plans to put the restricted mode back in but you can be assured that this will be discussed again with our developers, especially if the demand for it rises with time.

    Wee need the restricted mode to work properly as it was before. Now the license conditions has been changed without any previous notice. Please turn it on again.

    I've tied displacement in Revit as well an what I've found out is that it works, but it seems to be impossible to adjust the depth of displacement in reasonable way. Anything I got was extremely deep. I had thought it should go from minimal amount at 500 at Revit's bump map slider to some extreme at 1000. I wasn't able, however, to generate credible visualisation of brick wall with i.e. 5mm deep grouts.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Screenshots and textures used in attachment.

    The same problem here

    I'm sorry to hear about that - have you made sure to also acquire the latest release once more from the download page, instead of running the existing 2.9 installer? Since that existing 2.9 would then not include the hotfix. Let me know if that doesn't help, in that regard it would also be very helpful to receive some feedback reports. Thanks!

    Thanks for your answer.

    I have installed the last preview version: "3.0.0-preview.2+33803"

    The same problem still persists. I have tried different models 3d, .obj and .fbx files. Everytime I have tried to do it i always get the same error.


    Have you tried just setting the wind speed to 0%? Moving grass and trees is a nice touch, but not all that important, as in, people will not miss it if it's not there. And when it is there, (I have not yet had a presentation with clients since this was implemented though), I don't think people will really pay much attention to it. Things like this I have realized over there years are things we as the designers/ artists appreciate, and the every day person would hardly take any notice of, if at all. For me things like moving fire and specially moving/ running water (waterfall effect) would be a big deal.

    I know this is not a solution, but it's what I would do if I experience the same problem, at least for in the mean time. I've also noticed that not all vegetation get's affected by wind, I suppose, as of yet.

    This is what i have done for the moment, set the wind speed to 0%. But I think that Enscape probably want to know if we have problems with the new Enscape 2.8 version. And furthermore I would like to play with wind settings because now we have the opportunity to do it. For the moment i will have to wait to do it.

    Thanks for your answer!

    Hi, good morning,

    I have installed the Enscape last version 2.8, In my Revit 2019. When I make a video the trees are shaking very very fast with a strange behaviour. The result isn't acceptable. It is strange because when I flying looking around the project, the trees moves properly with the wind. But when I preview a video or when I render a video they move different, too shaky. It isn't the wind speed, because I have it in 20%.

    Another thing is that i have noticed that some asset trees have disappeared with this last version. What a pity, but I guess this is for another forum issue.


    + 10 For displacement maps. I use Revit, and I guess in Revit it might be difficult to implement it becuase in the material features there isn't any slider for displacement... but I would really love it.

    I'm gonna check it out myself, thank you both for the feedback. Is there maybe a chance you both could share a rendering in which you experience any of these mentioned issues? Just to have some good examples. Thank you!


    I make some pictures examples of my project.

    1. Picture with my skybox. The skybox looks good of brightness, but in the project the shadows and the highlights are too hard, too contrast. I know i can change the contrast of the pictures, but the result isn't the same...

    2. Picture with my skybox. I try to change "Brightness", "Sun brightness", and "skybox brightness" to try to get less contrast and less hard shadows and highlights. Finally I get a skybox too bright, and the shadows don't improve.

    3. I made the same picture with the "Forest Enscape Horizon". If I change "Brightness" and "Sun brightness", i could get a picture where the "forest horizon" is with a correct brightness, and the shadows and the highlights of the project are perfect, to see all the information.

    All the picutres are taken with "auto contrast"

    This happens to me in all projects that I have done with different skyboxes.

    I know that I could get a better picture If I make a postproduction image with Photoshop or something like this. But to make a postproduction with a video where is going inside the house, outside, with a lot light changes, is more difficult.


    When you use a Skybox, you can manage the light that the Skybox emits to the all project. But this light always is to much hard, the shadows are very strong and the highlights also. I tried to compensate it with the "Sun brightness", the Skybox brightness, the exposure and the Contrast. But It's impossible to get the image that I want, with the shadows and highlights lower. Or i get to much contrast, or the skybox is too dark. When I remove the Skybox image, then it's very easy to get a screenshot as I wanted, but with the skybox i can't.

    The Enscape quality levels are essential. Draft, medium, high, and Ultra to get videos and images. In the highest quality (ultra) to get and image (screenshot) it could take to your computer like 20-50 seconds to get it. It's awesome because it is very fast. But the quality of this render is good but not super.

    Maybe it could be another quality level higher tan "Utra". Maybe one "Superultra" or something like that. It's not necessary that you could use this quality to walk through the project in VR or in live, but it would be a good option to get renders. For me is not a problem if my computer takes 5-10 minutes to get and image that it could be better quality than "Ultra" with improved light and textures.