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    First off I generally like the new version and the long awaited framing preview that makes creating the perfectly framed shot so much easier.

    Did anyone make the same observation, that batch rendering seems more unstable in 3.0 than in 2.9? I noticed that exporting individual scenes works, while batch render (especially scenes with different layer combination that need to get loaded) Sometimes it crashes also during manual render if moving to a scene with a separate layer combination. Only work around is to export each view manually and not in batch. This happened to a couple of older models so not connected to the SU model. (RTX 3000 mobile, 16BG RAM, win10, SU2021, Enscape 3.0)

    Some quick other feedback:

    - miss the separate batch render button which we use most often, submenu ok - but again an extra click

    - cumbersome process to mark views a favorites compared to 2.9. You have to go manually in each and every scene, change, save, exit, select next. Why can't I click on the stars in the view overview like before in 2.9? Would be so much faster to asjust favorites. Or why not have multiple favorites presets just like multiple visual presets? E.g. often weonly render option 1 ... then the views with option 2, perspectives vs plans etc etc.

    cheers, Thomas

    No, as far as I am aware sections are not yet supported in batch rendering. I usually only render perspectives as a batch and ONLY render sections one by one after switching to parallel projection. I turn on camera sync on so the enscape view matched the sketchup one with the section, then unsync again before rendering - not sure why but this worked for me to render sections.

    I hear you on the new video editor. I do feel it is a step down from the old one, even though the UX might be clearer.

    Yes I had the same problems with the last frame staying longer but managed in the end somehow with extra frames before the end.

    The addition of keyframes between two existing keyframes needs improving, when 2 frames are close to each other there is not space enough for the plus sign. Or did a miss a timeline zoom?

    I'm not using Virtual Desktop either. Below just works for me, depending on your PC you might want to lower the quality for VR:

    1. SketchUp & Enscape running

    2. Link cable in, power up Headset

    3. Enable Oculus Link, Oculus app pops up

    4. click on VR in the Enscape window

    5. return to VR and have a work around

    For some reason it seemed to work for me to:

    1. activate the sketchup otho/parallel view

    2. sync the view

    3. unsync the view again (that might mean your view doesn't match 100%)

    4. "take screen hot" / render this view only

    I am experiencing the same issue with the most recent version. The enscape mp4 is not recognized by camtasia 2018, other mp4s yes. Only workaround is to recode the enscape video with camtasia to same res same 30s per frame and it works. Is there anything special about the mp4 enscape creates?

    Praise the search function! I also had the same issue with watching my animations again and again from the start just to see the edits at the end. And I agree, it would be great if this option is more visible from keyframe preview.

    Have a look at the other forum posts. Something with Su treating FOV horizontally and Enscape vertically. Especially in batch render you will run into problems. Best to create the scenes with create view in the enscape tool bar from the enscape preview. I tried to briefly syncronize views to figure out what FOV sketchUp translates Enscape scenes to, then update SketchUp scenes with exact that value and it seems to help. Otherwise your only choice is to export one image at the time as you write. There a other posts on aspect ratio etc.

    How to match SketchUp scenes perfectly for batch render?

    Batch render view and file name


    is there a way to get Enscape to render line the same way as we see with the current SU style? Enscape outlines frame nicely the edges of a shape but geometry of groups positioned edge to edge get smoothed / not shown when rendering with outline)

    Is there anyway to show these lines without needing to model the edges? Attached various ways to work around this but it would save a lot of time to show the "hidden" geometry?

    Is there a feature planned for more control of line style? E.g. similar to the soften edges panel in SketchUp or styles. (e.g. line extensions, profiles, dashes etc.)

    Bkhr We too are using Transmutr in order to create "light" placeholders (the bounding box is often not enough to know which way a model is facing and how big it actually is) and the _full geometry ones.

    When relinking a proxy to a changed full geometry version I do this:

    1. double click inside your light model and copy the transmutr group with your light placeholder geometry into memory. exit component

    2. relink your "light" proxy to the new full geometry model using the enscape model & link to new path

    3. You light model will change to a simple bounding box. Double click inside, paste the light geometry group from memory and delete the bounding box. exit component & save as new component. (note SketchUp might suggest the old file name on save as so be careful and rename in the dialog) > your new light component now links to the correct proxy

    Makes sense?

    Note that my SketchUp crashed a couple of times when trying to relink, that part of enscape doesn't seem to be super stable.

    Thanks Egie. This looks like to be perfect for single export of individual scenes with perfect control over size and aspect ration. Batch export seems to be a different process all together so for that we will continue to create scenes via Enscape preview window, unsynced and batch render with sync off.

    Still looking for a way to set the Enscape preview window to a certain aspect ratio - any way this is possible?

    Hi there,

    We can't seem to get our SU scenes match the batch rendered ones properly. The best match is still rendering the scenes individually. What would we the correct way to batch render?

    If I understood right, the right way to set up SketchUp views for batch render is to preview them (with sync off??) in the enscape window and use the create scene button, right? This way I can preview them in the enscape windows "views" tab and correctly render them. Only thing is that the default enscape window might not be perfectly 16:9? Or is it? I noticed the view gets rendered with more pixels on top & bottom but width fits perfectly. Is there a way to set my preview window to be perfectly 16:9? Read something about Enscape and SketchUp using horizontal / vertical FOV or so and that might cause the inconsistency?

    Did I understand the secret to perfect Sketchup batch renders right? Create scene in the enscape preview?

    PS: Never understood the "use viewport aspect ratio" really - in what case would I use the option?

    Thank you!

    +1 for a oculus quest app - I understand the hardware limitations but maybe a "light" rendering would be a start

    Working with a competitors app & SketchUp models on a Quest with meeting functionality I can only vouch from experience for the power of a mobile headset for meetings. This requires casting the headsets view to an ipad via app or chromecast of course. Anything rendered on the quest can unfortunately not be compared to the visual quality of Enscape running on a PC. Just looks so much better.

    I still prefer running Enscape live over a laptop plugged into the oculus quest with the USB-C charging cable. This is a good compromise between quality and mobility. Make sure you install the oculus PC app and enable oculus link in the quest. The huge advantage is that setting up the play area is 100x faster than with a traditional headset where you need to set up base stations, fiddle with power and cables, measure the room etc.

    So the .exes you produce already have the VR module built in, run it on the laptop serving as mirrored screen for bystanders and use the Quest with the charging cable (works fine) or invest in the overpowered/longer one sold by oculus. (I haven't tried the .exe but should work the same way as Enscape running live)

    One last question to Enscape - are you working on a meeting functionality or is that in the far distance?