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    What you have accomplished with Escape is amazing. Congrats!

    For still architectural renderings, the image quality would improve substantially if when one did the final render, Enscape had an option for radiosity. This would address the issue of walls and planes looking artificially flat in Enscape. Obviously this require longer rendering times. If a final rendering took longer to render and radiosity were an option, the wait would be well worth it for many of us. 

    Also the ability to import 3d models, for example cars, that were created for 3DS max would be incredibly helpful. Others have mentioned this.

    We have an extensive asset library in 3DS Max. Plus many renderings from past years. Being able to use Enscape in 3DS Max would be of huge benefit to our 10 person architecture firm.

    Also congrats on the success of your great product. You have an enthusiastic following here in Chicago.