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    Hey Guys,

    We use the standing seam style Cladding in alot for our projects but I have no clue as the best way to setup this material for Enscape. For the model we simply use a hatch pattern which is ok for documentation, but no good for rendering. Would a texture with bump map applied be the way to go? Or would modelling the Cladding in 3D be better? If so what's the best approach? I'm sure there are users out there who have done it, very interested to hear peoples thoughts / ideas. ?

    Thanks, Nick

    Hey vox_boy

    Thank you for your feedback. First of all - there is full support for any Archvision RPCs, you do not rely on our replacements. Just uncheck the 'Replace Archvision Content' option in the Enscape settings -> 'Advanced' tab, restart Enscape and you'll see any RPCs displayed the way they show up in Revit.

    Apart from that, I have added you vote to our poll on proxy support for Revit. Let us know any further ideas you might have!

    Hey Kaj,

    Yes I have played around with this setting but the results are no where near as good as what I get from Vray. That's what I mean by better support for the 2D entourage. :)

    Thanks, Nick

    Hey Guys,

    I haven't been using Enscape long but there are a few things that I have noticed that IMHO could really take Enscape to the next level. Please note I'm using Revit.

    1) Vegetation - The grass is OK, but nothing amazing more of a fur feel would really lift the quality. The trees and plants are pretty much useless if you're going for Photo real quality images. I have found they are OK for a night seem, where you can't really make out the detail, but during the day they look very fake. Maybe better support for the entourage content in it's 2D form until the 3D models are better suited for 3D?

    2) Sketchup Import - I have no idea how this would even work, but here it goes. Sketchup has an amazing amount content in it's 3D Wharehouse, most of which won't import into Revit without a high degree of difficulty and when it does, it looses a fair amount of detail. My Question is.... is there anyway to import Sketchup content into Enscape without importing the part into Revit? If you could make this work I think I would sign up for 10 years upfront with Enscape :thumbsup:

    All in all great product and I look forward to utilizing it more for further jobs.

    Hey Jonathan,

    Thanks for your reply, I have tried changing the time of day. It makes no difference to how the lights display. Also how come some light are showing as dim but most aren't on at all?

    Thanks, Nick

    Hey Guys,

    I'm new to Enscape, so I apologise for my noob question!

    I cannot get my lights to turn on, I thought it may have been the lights I was using so I downloaded the sample IEC Revit file found here:

    I still get the same issue. I have I have ensured "artificial lights" are selected under render settings, however nothing changes. Attached is an image showing my issue. Any guidance is appreciated.

    Thanks, Nick