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    I'm using Revit 2020, and as soon as I link a single view preset to any views in Enscape 2.7, it slows view navigation to a crawl, and makes Revit almost unusable.

    This affects choosing, setting, and creating views in Enscape, and so long as any open revit file has any view with a linked preset, navigating between all revit files and views becomes extremely painful (stalling 30-60 seconds for each click). As soon as all links are removed, the problem disappears, but this also makes setting up views for Batch rendering very difficult.

    I've tried this on multiple machines with different setups, and I've seen it in online enscape tutorials as well, so I know it's a common problem.

    I would love for this problem to be solved in the next release.

    Feel free to give us feedback on your use cases and the frequency in your usage so that we can evaluate further changes.

    Yes, please put those features back. They were very useful!

    Perhaps I won't miss them as much for new and future views, but for now, all my old views seem much harder to manage than before!

    Sometimes I find a good sun angle for one new view and I want it applied to views I've already created. How can I do this now with the latest interface?