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    Ok i got a brand new laptop, amd 5800h rtx 3070 100tgp, and first thing i tried after updates, install sketchup and run a very graphic demanding render and it worked perfectly. Then after fiddling with the power plan for the laptop, I have created a new power plan, changed some settings to have lower performance if unplugged to save battery, and everything maxed on when plugged in. I updated the amd software that also included the raidon graphics update for the onboard graphics chip and other grpahical settings, ran sketchup and enscape again, same model, with power connected, and it ran out of juice, giving me the vulcan error when i exported the image at 5k.(I did try different resolutions, including lowering quality, where in some cases it worked, some not) I reverted back to before I loaded the amd update, and left my laptop on high performance power plan that came with windows and it worked perfectly again. Just a note, after the crash, i did check my nvidia settings and it was set to the dedicated gpu but that still gave the vulcan error. I recon the amd has its own power plan and extra settings that clashes with nvidia and windows power plans and puts out less juice to the card or work against the program. I feel its works this way, so I dont mess with it anymore^^)

    thanks, it was just an interesting concept for me. Having an old card forever just because it has 12 gb vram vs having a newer with improved technologies with less vram to be on par or a step up in a way. I know enscape did not get released yesterday and back then they offered less and worked fine with lower end cards. If that was apples to apples, using no engine assets like trees etc, it would be probably a good step up. Thank you for giving me feedback. Honestly id rather have a 8gb vram card if i could afford it to be safe, but I will just have to manage my scenes more properly, switching off what i dont see in my renders and if still having issues probably use less and post process if needed

    hi guys. I am in the process on upgrading my pc. I currently had a titan x 12gb in it with 16 gig of ram. Till now it has helped me a lot and never gave issues. I am interested to buy a rtx 3060 6gb card since that is all i can afford now. Now my question is as follows. the titan x is about 8 years old and in some scenes it uses up to 7 gig or vram. So getting a newer card with improved technology, will this 3060 run into trouble doing the same load. Again, processor is much faster and with faster pc memory aswell, will this still be apples to apples, or will newer cards work more efficiently therefore taking up less vram doing the same scene.

    I guess this will probably be looked at in future releases. I'm 200% happy with that they are doing and taking this product. My post was purely just to put this under their attention that it does skip a frame or so when rotating the actual model. Maybe in updates onward, this issue will be looked at. :thumbsup:

    Sketchup 2018

    Enscape 2.7 - Licensed

    Windows 10 x64

    Nvidia Gforce 1060 6gb display card

    16gb ram

    12 core processor i7

    All windows software is up to date including Nvidia drivers

    Hi there, since I have updated, when you rotate a model - simple or complex it make the live view sometimes jumpy

    Inside the viewport movement is smooth, but when you just preview as you rotate the model in Sketchup its jumpy.

    Does anyone have a solution or experience similar issues? :thumbsup: