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    Well i installed an older version of the nvidia driver (528.49) and now i can use enscape again from revit. Thank you!

    Indeed it is working with my rtx2070 and revit and enscape for some time, but now i get consistent errors when opening enscape from revit with remote desktop:

    Hello, we are using a quadro nvidia gpu for enscape/sketchup because thats the only option when working with windows remote desktop. A gaming card (non quadro) does not let you use enscape+sketchup while using windows remote desktop (working from home and using remote workstation).

    We dont know if this is the case with workstation gpu from amd. Never used amd gpu's with windows remote desktop and enscape+sketchup.

    Is there anybody who uses amd gpu's for enscape/sketchup and windows remote desktop.

    Thanks in advance


    My system with nvidia rtx2070 8GB also crashes when using enscape and revit 2020. 1 rendering was fine (7000x4000px) but another one keeps crashing when looking upwards (sky problem?).

    Whats interesting is that the video memory wants to go over 8GB and thats exactly when the render crashes!

    So if the camera is looking upwards towards the sky the render will fail with less pixels then the first rendering with more pixels but less sky and glass reflections.

    What's also annoying is when the render needs more memory then the graphics card can handle enscape will crash and theres NO warning....

    Hope this info helps

    I just saw on linkedin a video of Lunas 3D Visualisation showcasing their L-Touch Real Estate Marketing Software.

    Looks like they are using a combination of google earth and unreal rendering engine and bim functionality.

    Is it possible for enscape to use 3d graphics from google earth in future versions?

    Ah ok, well we use Enscape for sketchup and revit. When loading a sketchup file of 135 megabyte the realtime live rendering is not sharp.

    My question is how hardware creates more sharp realtime live renderings if you look at filesize, large or small 3D scene, etc.

    What we use now are i7/i9 systems with a rtx2070 and a few quadro p1000 cards.

    I cant really compare because 1 system with rtx2070 has revit installed and another with quadro p1000 has sketchup installed. Hardware wise It looks like Enscape behaves like some modern pc games?

    Is there a benchmark utility which can be helpfull to understand which hardware is better for larger and sharper live renderings?

    Ah thank you, that means that sketchup probably will work too because enscape and Sketchup both supports Open GL.

    Looks like the AMD gaming-cards do support this.

    The nvidia gaming cards do support Open GL but they disabled something in the driver so that only the quadro cards work with sketchup/enscape over RDP.

    There is a way to "mod" the quadro drivers to include the gaming-card "strings" and that seems to work but i'm not going to do that.

    Going to try a AMD graphics card and see if that works.

    FWIW, I've had success with an RX 580 over remote desktop. Not a super experience, but it functions.

    So that would mean for amd i could choose a "gaming" card and not the much more expensive workstation cards in order to use sketchup via windows remote desktop and enscape?

    That would be nice

    Hi all,

    We know that windows 10 rdp with for instance sketchup only works with quadro cards and not the rtx or gtx cards!

    So my colleague who works with sketchup can sometimes work at home.

    Now with the amd graphics cards (580/5700 series) i dont know yet if these work out of the box with rdp, anyone have some experience?