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    Hi Enscape Team,

    Thank you for an incredibly tool!
    Introducing render elements (z depth and material ID) is very helpful for post-production.
    I have a couple of requests for additional render elements that would really make a difference:

    Skybox GI contribution render element
    When rendering exteriors, the shadows often turn too dark for architectural rendering (even with decent albedo). I've tried reducing the Sun brightness in Atmosphere settings + increased Ambient Brightness but this is not enough to produce satisfactory results.
    If I can get access to a Skybox GI contribution pass, I can paint in additional GI where shadows look too dark - or simply boost the Skybox GI in post production without worrying about the sun brightness. I guess this would be similar to the V-Ray Global Illumination render element.

    Reflection render element
    I'm guessing this one is self explanatory, and I'm hoping that this would be fairly easy to implement.

    Improved .exr output

    Lastly, I'm all about .exr output. It would be great to get the option to bake in the color grading that we see in Enscape (and still have 32 bit color depth).
    Once that is in place, it would be very beneficial for post-production workflows if render elements could be saved as part of the .exr file.

    Keep up the good work guys!


    Ruben Borup
    Quezada Architecture

    I'm rooting for renderable lines as well - we use this a lot for stone coursing, paving etc.
    Could even be triggered by the entity name in SketchUp like material names trigger shaders.