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    Is there a way to save Orthographic view´s with the same reliability as Perspective views?

    I was really looking forward to the Orthographic view function added in 2.7.0.

    I´ve worked up a workflow where I put a rendered top view underneath a cad pdf in indesign to make illustration plans. Basically just updating links when altered.

    However in 2.7 Enscape does not seem remember the "camera position" for the Orthographic view.

    If I zoom in to select a region in orthographic view, save the view. Then zoom in a little for another layout, and save that. Enscape will not remember the position, it will use the last used position.

    Same thing happens if I change from Orthographic view to Perspective and then back to Orthographic view. Enscape 2.7 has no recollection of the area I wished to display, instead zooms out to default position. I therefore have to zoom in to a similar region, with very low precision compared to the image I want to replace, then having to rescale it in indesign, therefor slowing down the workflow.

    Kind regards.