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    I'm moving out of Windows and going full MacOS as I was many many years ago.

    The performance of the new Macs with the M1 chip is amazing and I really would like to keep using Enscape on my workflow but if it doesn't run on the new Macs I will be forced to look for an Enscape replacement for my renderings.

    I hear before that the reason for Enscape not having a MacOS version was because of the graphics performance... well the new M1 chip is establishing new standards so please get ready the MacOS version ASAP.... Please! :thumbsup:

    I’m having this problem now. It didn’t happens with a panorama I did 2 weeks ago. Now, softer the question by safari, I allowed the motion and orientation use but there is no gyroscope motion. I cannot see up or down, only side to side.
    funny thing is that in my wife’s iPhone it worked but no in my iPhone or iPad. I called Apple but the agent didn’t helped very much and mostly said that I should check with Enscape. Any solution known?