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    As my first test project in Enscape i wanted to recreated the feeling of a modern yet old dutch home,

    this is the living and dining room filled with mostly Enscape assets.

    I have used SketchUp 2019/2020, Enscape version 2.7.1 and Photoshop with minimal changes.

    Hope you like it :)

    Demian Gutberlet , thank you guys more!

    I dont know if this is the correct way but i was just missing some basic assets vegetations like colored flowers (for outside)

    or window boxes filled with flowers that can also be used on the ground or in balconies

    like most of the vegetation is green and like a variety of some sort of color can make it feel more alive.

    The window boxes could be modulair filled with flowers like if their was just one basic flower asset of diffrent kind of flowers i could fill the window boxes.

    In combination with above it would also be a nice idea to have a option in / for / in place of grass settings to have like small white / yellow flowers scatered in a grass field (google grass field with flowers) maybe their is a work arround for now like a texture green with spots of yellow i havent tried it. adding to the grass setting could also be fill a surface with flowers, this would be a easy fast way to fill a self drawn window box. (apparantly i have alot with flowers out of a sudden)

    Another asset that i missed when creating a small still river was reed it would be great if u could at it in green and yellow or have the option to change color, its hard finding a good (simple) 3d or 2d cutout and 2d isnt just as nice besides the beautifull green assets you guys put in.

    And another basic vegatation asset in west-europe forests would be nettle.

    To give you more to do i could use like a background that has flat country side (in the same options, like forests,village,city more europe theme setting (combination of germany, netherlands, france kinda).

    The animals in the asset libary are nice however could use a cat, dog (person with dog), sparrow, magpie, starling, crow, goose or/and as in flying, sitting and in a group (as in behavior of the species).

    Would be nice if their was a basic forest, village, city sound (like random bird sound, a ocasionally car driving by a tree waving, water)

    Just some ideas, and ofcourse their is always a way of doing it myself and that am happy about :)


    One of my first test models for Enscape using SketchUp.

    I am so so :love: happy with Enscape, i worked with multiple render applications private and for work and

    i have not seen the ease and the speed, efficiency a on-point real-time render engine like this, exactly what i needed!

    It is more than i dreamed it to be and for sure worth my money.

    I am not asking for anything more than this to stay as good or possibly even better than this!

    Im open for suggestions, tips, tricks and what more i can do with it :saint:

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    PS i am sorry for my english writing skills.

    Greetings Keeskaas :thumbsup: