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    1. Did you try the most recent version of Enscape and Rhino together? You should notice an improvement.

    2. We are constantly working together with McNeel to improve the situation we switched to a different part of the SDK using the Rhino ChangeQueue with 3.5 to be able to make use of more Rhino features which are unavailable through the previously used SDK "flavor". Bear in mind this is highly simplified. Anyhow, this is one of the reason for the issues you are facing and we are continuously trying to address these together with McNeel but it isn't as simple as one might think and going back to the older implementation is simply not feasible.

    3. While I get your frustration I think it is misplaced. This change was necessary for multiple reasons, with the best intentions. I am sorry that it takes so long and is so complicated to get it right but the team that is working on the Rhino integration has put a lot of effort into this and is continuing to do so.

    My company upgraded to rhino 8 because we were promised it would work well with Enscape. Fair enough, we did it, and its still a mess. If my frustration is misplaced, can you tell me where to direct it to? We are paying Enscape and Chaos for a software that doesnt work. Rhino 8 works decently by itself.

    My criticism is of Enscape 4.0 and Rhino 8. It is the latest version. There are plenty of forum posts sharing this same issue. You should ensure not to slow down a workflow considering enscape's entire advantage is that of a renderer that works seamlessly and 'within' rhino.

    Hi everyone, after finding my own workaround with near zero help from the Enscape team, I am inclined to recommend you guys try twinmotion. The renderings are superior and have way more function. Only drawback is the grass painting which needs to be largely manual. It is a sad state of affairs and i have truly not been more annoyed with any other archtech company in my life. Even Autodesk, who is well known to charge exorbitant amounts for their software, at the very least, ship working software. Now youre all paying for a software that is inferior in every aspect.

    this is getting old. anyone else having trouble with the installer getting stuck on this? I know Rhino isnt a priority but even a trashy installer is getting out of hand. the 3.4.4 installer works seamlessly. Despite being over a year old.

    Considering the fact that for most rhino users, 3.4.4 was the absolute LAST working update, which was released in February 2023, this is extremely disappointing. My firm isnt able to upgrade to rhino 8 (Financial reasons) till at least may 2024. Which would mean that the 3.4.4 update has been used by us for nearly 1.5 years. You can take another look at the most viewed/replied to thread on the rhino enscape forum and truly see how you guys have screwed over your rhino users.

    Also, one more point to note, is that for nearly a whole year, their support team has been asked for all of us to send them the logs and report the issues, send them the files etc. Instead of simply admitting they cannot/will not fix the error on their end, they chose to waste all our collective times in upgrading/downgrading, troubleshooting etc. it baffles me at the sheer downturn of enscape in quality since the chaos group merger. I honestly thought it would improve.

    Hi Christian Radowski  Demian Gutberlet

    I dont want to surgarcoat it and just want some answers

    1. Is there any effort on Enscape/chaos's part to fix the issues on Rhino 7?

    1.1 If the onus is completely on the part of the Rhino team, is there an ETA?

    2. If Rhino chooses not to implement an update/ fix, as it is not really their 'error' per se, are we right to understand that 3.4.4 will be the last 'stable' release for enscape for Rhino 7?

    3. Right now, only one version of enscape can be installed at 1 time. Revit works well with the latest 3.5.x version meanwhile Rhino becomes completely unworkable, is it possible to implement a version switcher in a 3.4.x update so at least the workflow is impeded minimally.

    I dont have to explain to you that the greatest advantage of enscape is that it works near seamlessly and 'within' the modelling software, your competitors twinmotion, lumion, are standalone, which it seems have lent them a significant advantage both in terms of rendering quality and interoperability it seems.

    Furthermore, not everyone will be upgrading to rhino 8, especially with the additional cost, no one is asking for enscape 4.0 to support rhino 7 either, simply that the latest 3.5.x be functional.

    It has been nearly 7 months of struggling with enscape, I hope you guys can understand the extreme frustration here.

    Been nearly 4 months since this debacle, no solution in sight. extremely disappointed by the response from the enscape team. If this was a product that appealed to more than just architecture, ie, unreal engine, vray etc, maybe this would be less disappointing. However, knowing our industry and the ridiculous deadlines we deal with, shipping an unstable product is simply unacceptable. furthermore, 4 months of delays in resolution is worse.