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    The latest version seems to be generating an enormous amount of lag in both sketchup and enscape when running enscape. Working fluidly between them with live updates is impossible even when the only thing in the model is a white box without materials, assets, guess is it has something to do with the newest tweak to raytraced shadows, is there a way to turn that off or even dial back the quality? Adjusting the "render quality" down to draft doesn't help at all.

    So, one of the assets I am specifically talking about is shown on the webpage (see attached screenshot). I can copy the in from older files and they work with the new wind feature but it doesn't show up in the sketchup asset library. Is there a way I can add this back?

    There were 4 trees like this that worked well for urban street views as they didn't block the buildings like the fuller trees do. There was also a yew tree, it was the only columnar tree offered, so became fairly necessary in most conditions.

    We are also experiencing this problem. It would seem that Enscape is defaulting back to its setting for field of view angle when "use viewport aspect ratio" is not checked and then when it is checked its the opposite problem, where it zooms in too close. All the older versions matched fine.

    The field of view reference in enscape says horizontal, i believe sketchup's is vertical, if we could just toggle this it may solve the issue