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    Simple we need to be able to

    Scrub the timeline in the video editor

    Also need to be able to pause when playing preview

    Finally with both options being able to create a key and/or a view(camera, scene - pick your poison based on the software you're using) at that scrubbed or pause location.

    Think of the possibilities to be able to create an in between key that's actually based on where you are helping smoothing out animation or even bettering your orbit...


    Repro steps:

    Set a key,

    Staying on that key change the camera

    Before pressing update to change your camera on that key

    Click any of the Keyframe Overrides.

    That will reset automatically your camera position to the previously saved key.

    The problem with this, is often we find ourselves wanting to "adjust" the camera position and then change the time of day for or the focal point/distance of that adjusted camera and if we forget about the unwanted reset of the camera when touching one of those settings it becomes a real pain to deal with.

    Currently in order to get object ID or material ID for glass we find ourselves rendering the same image twice and we have to make all glass opaque in order to see the glass for Photoshop Touchup.

    It would be really nice to have an extra ID maybe for Glass (where everything is black except for any glass)

    Or even have a toggle like the Apply Alpha Channel. To have the option to have access to Glass.

    Trying to understand why when I'm doing my animated camera or rendering a still (using compressed and fully uncompressed.

    I see while working the result on the right side but when rendering I get the result on the left side.

    Problem is we need the right side as this is what we expect (so is the client as we do live session with them and they see the right side and are confused when sharing the right side.)

    This is no light inside if that matters, but again interestingly enough why would it work in working mode/preview mode and not in render mode.

    Reminders it works in

    working mode

    Preview mode

    Doesn't work in

    High, Ultra mode (It actually looks like we're in draft mode)

    and medium looks colorized (see attached)

    Figure out the issue if anyone wants to know.

    We had an animation and the animation had a key on time of day. Since Time of day doesn't work in conjunction with Skybox HDR I guess Enscape was getting into a loop. As soon as I removed that key it started recording again.

    Need help, on a deadline.

    We can't seem to render video when using skybox images? Can't find anything on the web regarding this.

    The HDR used is a 1.5 meg image (tried several images at different resolution)

    If I use your default "skybox" such as Town or Urban, renders goes as planned. If I use the HDR it get stucks

    Help please!


    This is happening on both

    2.7.1 and 2.8 preview 5

    No not only the library but the whole enscape experience. This would go a long way I think for real time support, although there are many solutions out there for 3D Max, none of them that I know of are as user friendly as Enscape is. Also it does promote the idea to be able to carry cameras from one platform to another among other things. And of course the library, so that I can bring in these exact same people and assets.