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    First I'd like to say, you're doing a monumental task of creating a library of assets which is appreciated, and it's understood that this is an iterative process with give and take over time. Good job so far. I'm posting more than just POC comments here, but they all go together IMO.

    I guess I'm just looking for variety of basic, modest, practical, generic casual people with diverse age, hair color, and skin tone to put it bluntly.

    I work on a lot of schools, k-12 and higher education. Casual people and children of those ages would be greatly appreciated.

    Less "trendy" people and more timelessness would help, with basic hairstyles, clothing, and fabric colors. I know this can be a difficult line to draw. I'd say we need styles that are acceptable now that were acceptable 10 years and 20 years ago, stuff you see people wear when you go to the grocery store, or library. Slacks and a button up shirts, plain shirt and jeans, blouse and skirt, super basic stuff. Think capsule wardrobe. If you're trying to build a useful library then start with the basics. Bright colors and super trendy styles detract from the attention that should be spent on the building.

    Strong colors can also be associated with groups we prefer not to have in our images such as gangs, teams, other schools etc.

    Women should be wearing flats sometimes too. Models with fancy shoes and heels are just not practical, and in school settings are mostly useless.

    Where I live schools are fairly concerned with modesty, showing too much skin like shoulder skin and stomach skin is not useful in school settings either. Churches and public buildings may also wish for modest style models.

    I'm finding a lot of my clients think the POC still look Caucasian. Something about how they're photographed/scanned washes them out a bit I think. You might want to look at fixing that in the creation process.

    I would also like to see more tags. Age groups (elementary, middle school, high school, young adult etc,) ethnicity, context, time of year, etc. 300 people sounds like a lot, and it is, but when you start filtering you get down to very few for your situation.

    Some additional thoughts:

    Archvision's RPC viewer has an enlarged view of assets that allow you to look at people and rotate them before placing them, incorporating something like that would be hugely helpful. When we place people we have to curate how they look, where they're looking, and how they appear to be interacting with their environment. The thumbnails aren't enough, and making us place them to see this is a time drain.

    Also adding our own models would be helpful, then I could just buy 3d people and add them myself.

    Hope this helps :)

    Pieter my hero once again, thanks for your help. Now it shows up in Enscape!!... but without the fabric material....did I miss a step to get that to stick? do you have to bake it or something?

    (puppy and sand to color check.)

    I did get the material to show up in Blender...

    Nevermind....I forgot to attach the texture when I selected the gltf & bim....Thanks so much.

    Ok so I'm a failure at this for some reason. I have tried doing this from a blender export and I've tried with a max export via Babylon...when I create the asset using the creator and place it in the scene, the Enscape view doesn't show the model, I only see the low res obj in the scene.;( any advice from those of you who have used this successfully?

    Has anyone using this generator had trouble with it saying "Error - wrong filetypes" when trying to add the .gltf file?

    I'm using the example files from Pieter's first post, Blender 2.83.4, and allowed the Asset Generator app through the firewall. I tried renaming without spaces, which didn't work. I tried capitalizing Gltf but that did not help either. I'm kind of stuck. :/