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    When I finish the installation nothing happens, the option of running Enscape didn't appear on Sketchup, not even the Extension option in the menu. I have tried installing an unistalling the program, restarting the Laptop once the installation is ready and I have also tried selectiong the option advannces installation and then selectiong the option Install for all users in the machine.

    I really need a solution, I don't know what other option try.

    Hi! I just download from the website the last version of Enscape and I have the same problem of the guys above, when I download the installator, when I put install looks like everything goes fine but when it finish, and I press the botton finished, nothing happen, and I start run Sketchuo 2020 and there's any plug added. I tried uninstall and install again, and pressing the advanced installation mode button, select Install for all owners of the machine and then, when it finish nothing changed, nothing apper and theres no available to use it in SketchUp.

    I really need a solution ASAP, please.