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    I have a big problem with Enscape crashing Archicad. It does this almost every time I attempt to import an Enscape asset, Enscape material or edit a material.

    I use a MacBook M1 Max, however I have also tried installing everything on a Windows PC with the same result. On my Windows PC I get the notification: "Enscape is waiting for Archicad's API to respond. An open Archicad dialog may be blocking this process".

    I'm losing an insane amount of time dealing with this problem. With a deadline coming up this is so troublesome. I still haven't had any response to my support ticket on this issue.

    I like Enscape, but if it keeps performing like this it is certainly not an option for professional use. Sincerely hope that there is a solution to this!

    Hi, I have the same problem - Enscape 4.0 keeps crashing Archicad for me - this is a huge problem as I'm working on images for a presentation. I would like to try to install a previous version to see if it works better.