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    Thanks for this workaround,

    Adding the delay worked for one of our machines, turning off RayTracing worked for most of our machines, but I've had to use your method for our machines running 3060ti cards as the RayTracing method wasn't working.

    Edit; I spoke to soon. We have one VR machine that still encounters this error even after trying all of the suggestions.

    Sketchup version 17.2.2555 64-bit (We run this with the current version of enscape on 95% of out machines without issue).

    Enscape version 3.4.4+94564

    Posting my experience on here; we've been changing some of our VR and rendering rigs over to RTX 30-series cards. Our machines with 2080ti's and 3060's could no longer open Enscape after the last two releases if the model had any sort of complexity due to this error. (Let's say over 200mb with very modest texture resolutions in Sketchup). Today I came across this thread and finally found out why; turning off ray-tracing resolved the issue, which is unfortunate because this is a great feature for higher end machines.