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    I imagine it' probably a challenge because every program (sketchup, revit, rhino,...) probably has a different way to save data (if it's even possible over their api's).

    I do know that it is possible with SU as all render plugins can do it as well as all other plugins like skatter, animator, MSPhysics etc.

    I'm getting concerned that y'all have spread yourselves too thin now, trying to be on too many platforms that you may be neglecting your existing platforms, just like the simple request of saving Enscape settings on exit has been a huge issue and still is, yet only answer we get is it's on a list of to be done, really? it's a massive problem that is lost on a list.

    What is the roadmap for Enscape for SU? Have not seen much updates in a while and many concerns seem to be forgotten or dropped on the list of importance.

    I created presets for day, night, dusk, dawn, interiors etc until a real solution can be found, it is very frustrating and frankly mystifying as to what is so difficult about saving a model with info about setups, every other software I use can, heck SU can even remember my scatter setup on opening, is there something I do not know as to the difficulty to impose such a seamingly simple request?

    I'm afraid, there is currently simply not enough demand for it. This may of course change in the future and I hope for your understanding.

    That's too bad. I guess my request is not universal, so I'm stuck with you know what software until then

    A funny thing is happening, Enscape seems to have a problem with jpg image textures, see these two images.

    This one has a jpg material on middle building and it's just a mess.

    This one has a png material (converted the jpg to png)

    Is this a bug?

    Here is the jpg if you need to test it.

    Is there a way to get the asset library window to unhide? I tried clicking on it's icon but nothing happens, I know it's hidden behind SU but no matter what I do I cannot access it, unless I close Sketchup and restart.

    I have a scene with multiple sphere lights and spots, I am struggling to get light to far areas and Enscapes luminosity Intensity is just not enough, I am maxed out yet still cannot see light.

    I need more light.

    A way to manually override Enscape limits would help right now.

    So, my subscription has ended and I was looking at renewing, there is a place to add a promo code, where can I get promo codes from?

    Every bit of savings help.

    I am using the most current preview version, I am trying to export a movie clip as mp4 but that option is not available, only a .png image sequence, is this a problem on my side or something broken?

    thx, looks like the problem that I just fixed, will be released in preview soon (probably tomorrow)

    Please let me know once this is released. Will this release also address the splotchy artifacts in low lit scenes?