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    I'm so desperate for this that I even had to abandon Enscape halfway through a project because the client needed an animated material,

    See big monitors, they need their animated logo in video, currently I can only use clips for stills.

    Emissive material on the bottom, glass material with bump map on the water surface?

    On a large pool with several lights and building around it becomes a problem as the spot or sphere light you used shines on buildings lighting them up, I only want the light to stay contained on water surface.

    I feel like I'm becoming a pain, I keep posting issues, sorry.

    Today I tried adding sun brightness to an hdr with fog on, was hoping for a hazy sunset but got some crazy result, kinda awesome but my client may not agree.

    I cannot share the model, I also cannot reproduce the exact animation as when this was done we only had limited animation options and Enscape does not save it's settings with models and I do so many projects that if I was to save every Enscape setup for every project I'd have thousands of presets and that is just silly.

    However, here are two tests, one is the face me dinosaur, it's also an emitter in the original, material settings are exactly the same, but now it behaves completely different.

    Now the hosts, this time I used a light and not emitting materials material, but the shadow bug appeared.

    you have everything "too big", in USA. have you ever visited Europe? You wouldn't be asking such questions... Aaaand - everybody using "modern software" does not come from a "luxury environment"... the rest of the world is more "resource responsible"... or simply lives in a poorer environment. Mediterranean countries especially have MANY small cars... (Fiat Nissan, Renault... even VW beatle)

    And that is my whole point, the library at moment has a good balance, it does not have everything I need nor everything you need but it does have cars we both can use, maybe in future we will both get more or what we both need.

    I am using:

    As you can see I have outlines set at '0' yet the resulting image still has outlines, I cannot remove them.


    Does Enscape use a beta team to test builds before releasing them?

    more small city cars... even some older ones.

    That's subjective, I live in Texas and those are small cars, I cannot imagine smaller cars, can we have more trucks like F150's or Chevy's as well as SUV's. see, cars are based on ones environment, old cars? who drives old cars? why would one put an old car in a render? see my question might seem strange to you but in my world there are not many old cars on the road. So, I think the library is appropriate, there are small cars, family cars and some not very new ones, there is nothing showy in the library, what do you call a show off car?

    This used to work with past releases, here is an example of when it worked, I think this was about 15 months ago, just uploaded this video today, as show has already aired so okay to show, See light beams, they worked just fine in the past, now it's just a solid beam of light, before it showed a gradient.

    Pete, I'm mildly curious what your use case is for illuminated billboards. I agree about the self-shadowing issue though, I'd like to see a resolution for that one.

    Here is a video a year ago to the day, I used an earlier version of Enscape, you will see light flickering and artifacts but you know what does work and now no longer works? face me, the dinosaurs seems to move with no shadow issues, it's all face-me, the hosts on host tower not only are face-me components, that are also illuminated and guess what, they worked then, but no longer work, so I'm mystified by above comment that it's not supported.

    Sorry, but self-illumination faceme/billboards are not supported

    Oh, did not know that, is that noted anywhere? 'm guessing that there will not be any plans to support this in the future either?

    Now that Trello is no more, can we get a roadmap for the future? My needs may be diverging from your plans so 'd rather know now and move to something better suited than wait for something I'm never going to get, does that make sense?