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    I upgraded from version 3.4.1 +85781 to this preview version. After that, I opened a model in Sketchup that worked with my previous version. It was around 800MB, it took noticeably longer to load and then it refused to render, it just hung and I had to use Task Manager to close it. I tried several times to the same result. Eventually, I reverted back to my old version, and viola! it worked. Not sure why but looks like the old version was more stable and could handle bigger models.

    I have an RTX 3090 with 24GB Ram as well as 128GB system ram.

    Regarding the polygon budget, is it a set budget for all users or does it depend on the users' computer?

    Say I have a beefy CPU, GPU, and tons of ram, is my budget bigger than a lower spec PC?

    Is there a way to adjust the budget for certain scenes if needed?

    So, I have the latest version and still reflections on mirrors do not work, how hard is this to fix, it has been literally years without a solution, c'mon guys, ask Chaos for help if you cannot figure it out.

    As you can see the person does not reflect, no matter what I do it will not work.


    Have a look at that video, could help (but a bit long)

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    Thank you, I did watch it, the trick is to create tweens and batch render, I will give it a go later today, thanks for showing this new possibility



    A solution to produce, what you are requested, is to use in SketchUp, the commercial plugin "Keyframe Animation v2.4.2" from Regular Polygon available HERE, which is now comptatible with Enscape.

    Can you elaborate more, I cannot get this to work with Enscape, works fine in SU,

    And also the same program you're mentioning it's heavy resource consumer without too much reason, expensive, without RTX, RayTracing... also you need to make lots of workarounds in other advanced software in order to achieve precise animations. These days we can't afford to waste time when making a consistent presentation.

    I have not paid a cent for Twinmotion unless you are referring to the grossly overpriced Lumion.

    At the moment I have to say though that animated objects are not on our agenda.

    Thanks for the heads up, I have been asking and waiting for this for a few years, I'm assuming it will not be available in a couple of months' time when it comes time to renew my subscription. Fortunately, there is another software out there with both animation tools as well as volumetric lighting.

    Ugh, another 'nothing-burger' Sketchup update, the annual migration of all the plugins because sketchup cannot update they need a whole new install.
    what a pain in the arse.

    For those who are concerned...Think of it like what's happening with Volvo. They are owned buy a Chinese car company that specializes in EV tech. They allow Volvo to design and work like they always have, but now Volvo has more R&D for EV tech. Hence Polestar.

    Are you sure?

    I have been in this game a long time, seen so many software companies get absorbed, some grow and prosper, and some just die once the larger company annexes their code.

    I hope for the best, I have no issue with the Chaos group and am so glad it ain't Adobe.

    I also hope now that we have more "resources" can we address the video editor and animated objects?

    I too am very frustrated with the video editor, I have used Enscape from the first day it became available for Sketchup, and back then when there was no material editor even, the video editor was better than the one we have today. Why fix something that was not broken is beyond me.

    ... Thanks steve2802 for your Help :):thumbup:
    For me it doesn´t work as you describe it .

    If I assign all for 3 keyframes together a total duration of 10 seconds, then assign 5 seconds to keyframe 2, Enscape arbitrarily changes the total duration time downwards. The result is that keyframe 2 and keyframe 3 always stick together.

    A really strange behaviour (and for me so far still an unbelievably badly made video editor ;) )

    Agreed, the video editor is almost useless, not intuitive, and clunky to use, I'd take version 1's editor over this any day.