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    From my experience VRAM is important especially if you ever plan to use vegetation which without a proxy system will eat your VRAM fast, so my advice is to go for the most you can afford.

    How about a compromise, having an option to get accurate reflections even at the cost of speed, I see enscape one day supporting multiple GPU's and this will be a factor for having more accurate reflections. Right now I certainly would like better reflections.

    It does not save the animation start and end. Really what I want is not to save presets, I want to save all data pertinent to the model, so when I open a blank session of Sketchup all Enscape setting are reset at default and when I have done all my editing and setups and save the model all the enscape settings are saved with the Sketchup model, am I making sense?

    I have a huge request, Please find a way to save all the settings for scenes when we save the model, it is so inconvenient to open a previously set scene and have to do it all again.

    There must be a way to save settings with the SU model.

    I am struggling to get accurate reflections from glass, I tried double and single panes but still get reflections that are not accurate, in this video the ocean needs to reflect past the trees but it does not, seems like the ridge behind the house is reflecting on the front glass.

    The thing is that many power users already have libraries of trees from various companies, I have several Evermotion bundles and Xfrog libraries that have been made into proxy's to work with Thea and Vray, so if there was a way Enscape can create a proxy creation system that would be marvelous, and be able to skatter them would be even better,

    I was wondering if we could get a reflection channel that can be used in conjunction with a sky-box, as for product animations the skybox will work like a studio and will need a seperate hdri or even png for reflections as a plain white skybox does not give good reflections.

    Another thing, would it be possible to create a shadow catcher?, so that the skybox can also serve as a ground plane, in this quick animation I had to fiddle a bit to get the ground plane as close to the background as possible, still you can see the transition, so here a shadow catcher would be perfect.